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If your device breaks, don't panic. Quick Mobile Fix offer a huge range of mobile phone & tablet repair services.



We offer free postage with all mobile phone & tablet repairs. Saving you time and money. Just print the label and send.



Our trained technicians will repair your mobile device, keeping you informed all the way. Do not forget about our No Fix No Fee policy.*



Choose the delivery method that matches your budget and requirements. We will make sure your repaired device is returned safely.

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About Quick Mobile Fix

  The company was launched in July 2014, and in our first year, we carried out over 13,000 mobile device repairs. We repair mobile phones and tablets for the whole of the UK, and supply free postage for all those within the United Kingdom, saving our customers even more money. In our first two years both our website, and service, has been award winning. The website won the best new website award by Web User Magazine back in 2014 and our service has won various awards such as the SBS Award, by former Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis, and being awarded second best mobile device repair service in the UK , in the What Mobile Awards 2015 . However, we do more than just repair mobile devices ; we also sell a huge range of refurbished and used mobile phones , along with mobile phone and tablet cases and accessories. We are constantly adding new services, such as our new mobile phone and tablet customisation service, meaning you have the ability to change the colour of your device using our interactive platform, at a low cost.

Greater London Walk In Service

For our customers in the Greater London and Essex area, we do offer a walk in service at no extra cost, but we do require an appointment being made beforehand; this ensures we have the right parts in and the technicians have set aside the time to carry out the repair. If customers want their repair done within the hour, we offer an express service; this does cost an extra £19.99. You can wait in our Quick Mobile Fix friendly reception area or drop it off and come back to collect it later.

Trade Customers

We have worked with many different types of businesses from international organisations, to local repair shops across Great Britain, and we have always ensured they get the best service possible. No matter what your mobile phone repair requirements are, we always aim to accommodate them fully and satisfy your trade needs , whilst giving added benefits for bulk orders, and other benefits for being loyal.

Phone Rental Service

Being without a phone can be tough, and sometimes impossible, for some people, our phone rental service allows our customers to rent out a phone for the small cost of £9.99 per week, and again includes free postage. This means you will not have to go without a phone whilst using our mobile phone repair service. Please note, that a security deposit will be deducted when the rental phone option is checked out, but will be returned once the rental phone is returned safely to Quick Mobile Fix.

Mobile Device Customisation Service

If you are tired of the colour of your mobile phone or tablet, we now have a full personalisation and colour change service. This would be especially useful for those who have smashed their mobile phone or tablet and would also like a change, all for a reasonable price. Currently this service is only available for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy.

Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

We repair a huge range of mobile phones and tablets, from iPhone repair to Samsung Galaxy repair . No matter what problem you have, we can repair it. Like most mobile phone repair centres, we can easily carry out your required iPhone screen repair or Samsung Galaxy charging port repair, however, we also repair many faults that other companies don't dare to touch; such as liquid damaged devices and motherboard faults. These repairs can take longer, but we always make sure we keep our customers updated, and will do everything possible to make the device work again. Another benefit of using Quick Mobile Fix is that with the majority of repairs, we give our customers a one year warranty; this means that if our part becomes faulty we will repair it free of charge within that period of time. We also have a no fix, no fee policy, so if for some reason we can’t repair your device, you will get your money back. You can track your repair every step of the way using our detailed and free to use repair tracker.

Apple iPhone Repair & iPad Repair

If you have a faulty Apple device we can repair it for a fraction of the cost of other Apple repair centres. We repair all iPhone devices, including all the latest models such as the iPhone 6S , iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone SE , right back to the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3G . We also repair the majority of iPad models, and the latest iPod devices. So instead of going down to your local Apple repair shop, you can save your money and send off your iPhone repair, iPad repair or iPod repair by using our free post service, for a lower price. If you need an iPhone screen repaired or an iPad screen replacement, send it off to us for an affordable, quick and easy repair with the majority of repairs including a warranty.

iPhone Repair

We repair every single model of iPhone and can handle any problem you are experiencing with your iPhone. So if you need an iPhone screen repair, or your iPhone camera has stopped working, we can repair your iPhone for a great price, plus offer free postage and a one year warranty with screen repairs. If you are not sure what the problem is with your iPhone you can send it in for an iPhone diagnostic; our experienced technicians will carefully examine the phone and determine exactly which faults the iPhone has.

iPad Repair

If your iPad has a technical fault or the iPad screen is smashed, we can repair it for you. Since our launch we have repaired everything on the iPad, including faulty headphone sockets to liquid damaged iPad tablets. We repair the majority of iPad, including everything from the iPad 2 and iPad 3 right up to the more recent iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4. So if you need an iPad screen repair or anything else, from faulty iPad headphone socket to your iPad battery draining too quickly, contact us for a speedy and reliable iPad repair service.

iPod Repair

If you are struggling to listen to your favourite songs on your iPod, we can help you with this. We repair all iPod models starting from the iPod Touch third generation onwards. So if you need an iPod screen repair or it is not charging properly, we can repair this for you, plus much more. All including free postage and usual low prices.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Here at Quick Mobile Fix, we repair a massive number of Samsung Galaxy devices including Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Note . Like with the majority of the devices we repair, we offer a huge range of repairs for the Samsung Galaxy devices, such as Samsung Galaxy screen repair, home button repair, battery repair, water damage repair, plus many more, which all include our usual promise of low prices and free shipping.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Repair

If you own a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone and it has a smashed screen, internal fault or any other problem, we can help you. We repair all phone models of Samsung Galaxy, including the older versions such as the Samsung Galaxy S , right up to the newer models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge . So if your Samsung Galaxy requires a front screen repair or it has any other fault, make sure you pick Quick Mobile Fix for a reliable repair which comes with free postage and a guaranteed low price.

Samsung Tab Repair

If your Samsung Tab has stopped working or needs a Samsung Tab screen repair, we can fix this quickly and efficiently. Quick Mobile Fix repairs a massive range of Samsung Galaxy Tab with a huge variety of repairs on offer, such as charging port repair and liquid damage repair.

Samsung Note Repair

We offer a wide range of Samsung Note repairs , so if your Samsung Note camera stops working, your Samsung Note front screen breaks, your battery keeps draining too quickly or anything in between, we can repair it for you. The majority of our repairs come with a one year warranty, and all include free UK postage.

HTC Phone Repairs

If you have a HTC One Series or HTC Desire phone and it is not working properly or requires a HTC One screen repair, then our trained technicians can look at this for you and repair it in quick time, for less money than your high street repair service. We repair all the latest HTC phones, such as the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M8 , and can offer a large range of repairs on all HTC models.

Sony Xperia Repairs

If you own a Sony Xperia mobile phone and it needs to be repaired, send it to Quick Mobile Fix for a speedy and efficient Sony Xperia repair. We repair a huge range of Sony Xperia smartphones, including all the latest models, such as the Sony Xperia Z5 , and we offer a variety of repairs for them all. Such as Sony Xperia front screen repair, Sony Xperia microphone repair, Sony Xperia earpiece repair and much more. If you are not sure what the problem is, you can send it in for a diagnostic and our trained technicians will find the issue for you.

Nokia Lumia Repairs

Does your Nokia Lumia phone need repairing? If yes, then send it to us for a quick and reliable Nokia Lumia repair. We can fix a massive range of Nokia Lumia phones, with all repairs including free postage and most with a one year warranty. Not matter what you need, from a Nokia Lumia screen repair to a Nokia Lumia loudspeaker repair, we can repair quickly and efficiently.

Google Nexus Phone Repairs

We repair Google Nexus phones; the earliest model we repair is the Google Nexus 4 right up to the Google Nexus 10 . Our Google Nexus repair prices are extremely competitive and you can track your repair all the way using our detailed online repair tracker.

LG Phone Repairs

Looking for an affordable LG phone repair? We can fix a massive range of LG phones, including the LG G4, LG G3, LG L5 and LG L7 . The majority of these LG mobile phone repairs again include free postage both ways, and a one year warranty on the part. So if your LG phone needs a screen repair or anything else, contact us for a hassle-free repair.

Motorola Phone Repairs

If you own one of the latest Motorola mobile phones and it has a fault, we can repair this for you. We can repair anything from Motorola smashed screens to liquid damage, which are always at a competitive price, including free postage, plus many more benefits.

OnePlus One Phone Repair & OnePlus Two Repair

Unlike many others we repair the OnePlus One mobile phone . So if your OnePlus One needs a screen repair or it has been damaged by water, send your OnePlus One to Quick Mobile Fix for a quick and reliable repair. We also repair the OnePlus Two, so if your OnePlus Two requires a new front screen or it has been damaged by water, get in touch for an affordable OnePlus Two repair .

Huawei Phone Repairs

Currently we repair both the Huawei Ascend Y330 and Huawei Ascend Y550 models, so if you need a Huawei screen repair we can carry this out quickly and efficiently. If you're not sure what is wrong with the Huawei phone, you can send it in for a diagnostic, so our trained technicians can examine the device for you and tell you what faults the device has. All services include free postage on top of an already affordable repair price.

BlackBerry Phone Repairs

If you own the BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Q10 or BlackBerry Z10 and it has a fault we can mend this for you. We can fix a huge range of problems, such as BlackBerry keyboard issues, BlackBerry faulty battery, BlackBerry broken screen and much more.

Refurbished Phone & Accessories Shop

In our newly relaunched Quick Mobile Fix Shop area, you will find a massive range of cheap refurbished mobile phones , mobile phone cases, and accessories such as chargers and adapters. Not only are the prices extremely competitive but with our refurbished used mobile phone we also supply our customers with a 14 day money back guarantee, and a generous warranty. Again, we provide free delivery within the UK on all purchases.

Refurbished Mobile Phones On Sale

We sell a variety of refurbished used mobile phones and refurbished iPad, including refurbished iPhone , refurbished iPad, refurbished Samsung Galaxy , refurbished HTC One phones , refurbished Sony Xperia and refurbished BlackBerry phones. All these used phones are sold with a 14 day money back guarantee, free shipping and a generous warranty. We sell all the latest models such as the Refurbished iPhone 6S, Refurbished iPhone 6, Refurbished iPhone 5S , Refurbished iPhone 5C, Refurbished iPhone 5 and the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that range in cosmetic quality, from grade A to C.

Mobile Phone And iPad Cases For Sale

We have mobile phone and iPad cases to fit a huge range of devices, in a variety of different colours and materials. So if you’re looking for a new case for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad or any other popular mobile device, for an affordable price, look no further than Quick Mobile Fix

Mobile Phone And iPad Accessories On Sale

If you want some mobile phone or tablet accessories to compliment your mobile device, check out our huge range, this includes headphones, chargers, adapters, cables, screen protectors plus much more. All at great prices, including free UK postage.



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