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  • Sony Xperia Unlocking
Unlocking for Sony Xperia

Unlocking for Sony Xperia


Some wireless providers lock their phones, meaning that their phones have been programmed to only work with their SIM cards. We offer this mobile phone unlocking service on all Sony Xperia devices.

We currently unlock from the following networks: EE, 02, Tesco, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin & 3.

Unlocking For Sony Xperia

Please ensure you fill in your IMEI number in the special instructions section when processing the order. If you're unsure on how to find the IMEI number for your device, please contact the manufacturer or call us on 0208 5000 308. Once we receive payment for your order, the unlocking process will begin and be completed within the time frame shown below.

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