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HDMI To HDMI Cable 1.8M - Gold

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HDMI To HDMI Cable 1.8M - Gold

HDMI To HDMI Cable 1.8M - Gold

1.8M Gold HDMI To HDMI Cable

Because of the unique technology, HDMI doesn't compress any of the data it needs to send from let's say your DVD-player to your High Definition TV. When compressing information, tiny bits always get lost in the process.

1: Turn on your TV and set its input to HDMI.

2: Make sure your PS3 is connected via a HDMI cable.

3: Power on your PS3 and press and hold the power button for approx. 5 seconds, you will hear the PS3 start to beep, release the power button after the second beep.

4: Your PS3 should automatically configure itself for HDMI video and Audio output.

Please Note: If you require any further information or help please refer to your PS3 instruction booklet or contact Sony customer services who will guide you through the setup of your console.

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