Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Rechargeable Battery Case 4800 Mah - Black £17.99 GBP

Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Rechargeable Battery Case 4800 Mah - Black

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The new and more powerful iPhone 6 charging case, need a bit more charge than the standard charging cases provide, this great product does not do the 1000mAh (Standard) power but a massive 4800mAh. It also comes with 4 led charge indication lights.

This durable, ultra-thin case houses a rechargeable battery that virtually doubles your battery time while protecting your iPhone from everyday wear and tear and does it all with a style that mirrors the aesthetic of the iPhone. Enjoy up to 36 extra hours of audio and nine extra hours of video playback, in addition to iPhone's battery life.

Once you place your iPhone into the case, you can keep it continuously charged without having to remove it. An included standby switch allows you to choose when you want your case to charge, so you can keep the power until you need it.

For further ease of use, you can power up both the case and your iPhone simultaneously through a micro USB cable, which also allows you to sync your iPhone to iTunes. Four LEDs on the bottom keep tabs on how much power is left in the case. The LEDs also keep you updated on your phone's charging status when it's plugged in.

Battery concealed inside of a protective form-fitting case

Provides virtually twice the battery life of the iPhone

All-new integrated LED status indicator on the bottom

Extended smart battery and full case protection

Stylish and durable case that offers protection for your iPhone from bumps and scratches

Charge the case to full capacity for 5 hours

Capacity: 4800mAh

Compatibility: iPhone 6 Plus

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What's In The Box

- Ultra Slim Charger Case


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