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  • Mobile Phones - Apple IPhone 6 - Space Grey (64GB) Factory Unlocked

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Apple iPhone 6 Space Grey - (64GB) - Unlocked - Good Condition



Apple iPhone 6 Space Grey - (64GB) - Unlocked - Good Condition

Apple iPhone 6 Space Grey - (64GB) - Unlocked - Good Condition



  • Fully Refurbished & Tested

  • Good Condition

  • Free UK Shipping

  • Factory Unlocked

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee  

  • 1 Year Warranty Included


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    Phone Conditions 

    • Refurbished and in Good condition.
    • Fully tested, fully functional and working.
    • Moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides.
    • Unlocked to all networks.
    • You can update this iPhone 6 with the latest iOS operating system or any future operating systems available for this model.


    What's Included

    • Space Grey Unlocked iPhone 6 - 64GB

    Quick Mobile Fix Shop

    • The Quick Mobile Fix shop has a range of Apple iPhone 6 cases and Apple iPhone 6 accessories including Apple iPhone 6 chargers and adaptors
    • For more information on refurbished mobile phones, please read our refurbished phone guide here or watch the video below



      Key Information > Refurbished iPhone 6 64 GB Unlocked 

      Brand Apple
      Family Line Apple iPhone
      Model 6
      SIM Lock Unlocked
      Storage Capacity 64 GB
      Colour Space Grey
      Network Technology GSM / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA+ / DC-HSDPA / LTE
      Band UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 GSM/EDGE 850/900/111000/1900
      Operating System iOS


      Display Technology Retina HD
      Diagonal Screen Size 4.7 in.

      Other Features
      Touch Screen Yes
      Bluetooth Yes
      Digital Camera Yes
      GPS Yes
      Email Access Yes
      Internet Browser Yes


      Height 138.1 mm
      Depth 6.9 mm
      Width 67 mm
      Weight 129 gr



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      Questions & Answers

      Ask a Question
      • What does grade c mean?

        For a detailed answer on our grading guide, please take a look here --->

      • What grade is this phone?

        This Apple iPhone 6 Space Grey is in Good condition, for a specific answer, take a look at our detailed refurbished phone grading guide for a specific answer. You can find it here -->

      • Does refurbishment include a new battery

        When the iPhone 6 goes through our extensive quality control checks, it is closely checked by an expert phone technician. If he/she deems the battery needs to be replaced then it will be, if not, it means the battery is working to a high standard. You also get a 3-month warranty on the phone battery itself.

      • Will it work on virgin Mobile

        Yes! This particular iPhone 6 is unlocked which means it can work with any mobile phone network, including Virgin Mobile. 

      • How do I know when my phone arrives arrive ?

        Our refurbished iPhone 6 phones are usually dispatched after 7-10 working days after the payment has been cleared. The refurbished phone is then delivered the next working day after the initial dispatch date has been confirmed. Quick Mobile Fix will keep you up to date with the status of your refurbished Phone. Thanks for contacting Quick Mobile Fix.

      • do you have a shop that I can visit.

        Good morning

        We don't have a physical shop in the UK, we are operating from a warehouse in Ilford.

        I hope this answers your query
        Thank you for contacting Quick Mobile Fix

      • Does this include headphones and charger?

        Good morning

        The refurbished Apple iPhone Space Grey (64GB) Unlocked Good Condition does not come with any additional accessories. However we do offer a wide range of bundle deals which include various accessories, you can view them by clicking here

        I hope this is useful

        Thank you for contacting Quick Mobile Fix

      • How good is the condition of the iphone 6

        Please take a look at our detailed grading system for an accurate description of the Apple iPhone 6 Space Grey condition.

      • Hello, I am interested in buying an iPhone 6 - 64GB and I read that it is in a "Good Condition". Does that mean that there might be some scratches present on the handset? Regards

        I would recommend you watch our detailed grading system video to get an accurate answer for the phone's grade! You can find it here --->

      • u provide cash on delivery ?

        No we don't, you must follow the procedure on our website. 

      • Does this come with warranty and how much is delivery

        Yes, this refurbished iPhone 6 comes with a 12 month warranty! Refurbished phones are dispatched 3-5 working days after payment is made, then delivered to you the next working day! You can track your order here >

      • Hi sorry to bother you but could you send photos of what damage it has to it All so what happens if it starts playing up

        The refurbished phones we have in stock are processed through a quality control department to ensure they are in full working order, and then allocated into categories of conditions, therefore, sadly it is difficult to take an image of the refurbished iPhone 6 you would actually receive. Please see the detailed description on the product listing for each device stating the exact condition of that refurbished device. We provide a 12 month warranty on this refurbished iPhone 6, so if you were to experience a fault you can contact us and we will advise you further on getting this resolved for you at no extra cost. You can read more about our warranty here  

      • Hi, May I ask about battery life?

        All refurbished iPhone 6 models are fully tested before dispatch this includes the battery. The battery is covered for 3 months under our warranty, you can read more about our warranty here

      • Hi do these phones come with a chargrr

        For this specific refurbished iPhone 6 it does not include a charger, however, click here and you are able to purchase an iPhone charger separately.

      • Hello - Is touch I work on these iPhones.??

        Yes, the touch ID works on this refurbished iPhone 6! 

      • Is all that is wrong with the phone just a few scratches. What makes this not a grade a

        This refurbished iPhone 6 is in perfect working order but may have moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides. Grade A phones, however, are in almost perfect cosmetic condition, with a possibility of general light wear and tear marks/scuffs.

      • What's the difference between this phone and a grade A phone

        This refurbished iPhone 6 has moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides, whereas a Grade A refurbished mobile phone may have light scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides. 

      • Does is come with a glass screen protector?

        Unfortunately not, however we sell them here > 

      • What grade is the condition of the phone please.

        Please find information on our grading system here > 

      • hellowill thiscomewithcharger,

        This refurbished iPhone 6 does not come with a charger, however, you can purchase one here >

      • will a european sim card work in this phone? For example an Irish sim card. I know it says unlocked but is it unlocked for all countries or just the UK? Will an irish sim card work in this phone?

        Yes, you are able to use any SIM card in this refurbished iPhone 6

      • This company sell brand new o used

        All of our phones are second-hand and refurbished to a working condition, you can take a look at our grade system for more details

      • Does the fingerprint sensor work?

        Yes, the fingerprint sensor on this refurbished iPhone 6 is in perfect working order. 

      • Does this phone have the latest ios software and does it have fingerprint id?

        This Apple Iphone 6 will have the latest software update in accordance to the date we refurbished it. All of the latest software updates will be available for updating. The phone also includes fingerprint ID. 

      • does your company have a VAT number?

        Yes, it can be found at the bottom of our terms and conditions page -->

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