• Apple iPhone 6 - Gold - 16GB

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Apple iPhone 6 (16GB) - Gold - Unlocked - Good Condition


Apple iPhone 6 (16GB) - Gold - Unlocked - Good Condition

Apple iPhone 6 (16GB) - Gold - Unlocked - Good Condition



  • Fully Refurbished & Tested

  • Good Condition

  • Free UK Shipping

  • Factory Unlocked

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee  

  • 1 Year Warranty Included


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    Phone Conditions 

    • Refurbished and in Good condition.
    • Fully tested, fully functional and working.
    • Moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides.
    • Unlocked to all networks.
    • You can update this iPhone 6 with the latest iOS operating system or any future operating systems available for this model.


    What's Included

    • Gold Unlocked iPhone 6 - 16GB
    • Sim Tool


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      • The Quick Mobile Fix shop has a range of Apple iPhone 6 cases and Apple iPhone 6 accessories including Apple iPhone 6 chargers and adaptors
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        Key Information > Refurbished iPhone 6 16 GB Unlocked 

        Brand Apple
        Family Line Apple iPhone
        Model 6
        SIM Lock Unlocked
        Storage Capacity 16 GB
        Colour Gold
        Network Technology GSM / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA+ / DC-HSDPA / LTE
        Band UMTS/HSPA+/DC-HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 GSM/EDGE 850/900/111000/1900
        Operating System iOS


        Display Technology Retina HD
        Diagonal Screen Size 4.7 in.

        Other Features
        Touch Screen Yes
        Bluetooth Yes
        Digital Camera Yes
        GPS Yes
        Email Access Yes
        Internet Browser Yes


        Height 138.1 mm
        Depth 6.9 mm
        Width 67 mm
        Weight 129 gr



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        Questions & Answers

        Ask a Question
        • Could you please tell me what grade is this phone its the iphone 6 16GB gold factory unlocked.

          This refurbished iPhone 6 is a Grade C phone.

        • Hey! Will this iPhone 6 work with Vodafone network in Ukraine? Thx!

          Yes, all of our unlocked refurbished phones, including this iPhone 6 will work with any SIM on any network in any country. 

        • Does this phone come with a finger print sensor

          Yes, this refurbished iPhone 6 comes with a fully working fingerprint sensor. 

        • Hi I want to know about i phone 6 grade A and I want grade A how can I get in ireland dublin. Are you in ireland if yes then tell me where is your shop in dublin. I will personally visit into your shop and I will buy two hands set from you. If you are not in ireland then how can I get my phone in secure manner

          An example of our full Grade A iPhone 6 can be found here > www.quickmobilefix.com/products/apple-iphone-6-latest-model-16gb-ee-orange-t-mobile-virgin-gold. This Grade A refurbished iPhone 6 16GB phone can also be found in a full bundle here > www.quickmobilefix.com/products/copy-of-refurbished-gold-apple-iphone-6-16gb-unlocked, along with our pristine condition bundle, which can be found here > www.quickmobilefix.com/products/apple-iphone-6-16gb-champagne-gold-factory-unlocked-pristine-like-new. Although we are not based in Dublin, we do sell refurbished phones and repair devices internationally! You can read more about ordering from Ireland here > www.quickmobilefix.com/pages/customers-from-ireland

        • How long does it take to deliver if u ordered 29march 2017

          Refurbished phones are dispatched 3-5 working days after payment is taken, then shipped to you using a next working day delivery service (shipping can take up to an additional 7 days for international orders, depending on the location). You can track your order using the order tracker here > www.quickmobilefix.com/pages/repair-tracker.

        • will this phone be cracked can you answer quick time

          As this is a grade c refurbished iPhone 6, it may have moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides, but no cracks. 

        • Hi, I wanted to know what a Grade C means and why its is this grade? I also wanted to know whether or not the screen as an apple original screen as i am after an iPhone with a apple screen. Thank you

          This refurbished iPhone 6 is a grade c device,  which may have moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides. Due to our high stock levels, we are unable to tell you specific information on the refurbished device you will receive, however, if the screen was replaced, the new screen will be a grade a part. 

        • Can I pay monthly for an iPhone 6

          Yes, you can! You can find out more about our finance payment option here >> www.quickmobilefix.com/blogs/about-qmf/quick-mobile-fix-introduce-new-finance-payment-option 

        • What does grade c mean please?

          This refurbished iPhone 6 is a grade C device, which means it may have moderate scratches and scuffs on the aluminium back casing and sides.

        • Is the iCloud unlocked on all phones?

          Yes, you are able to sign into your iCloud account on all of our refurbished phones including this refurbished iPhone 6!


          Find out more about paying monthly here! > www.quickmobilefix.com/blogs/about-qmf/quick-mobile-fix-introduce-new-finance-payment-option

        • Will this iPhone 6 work with SIM only plan from an old iPhone 4?

          The iPhone 4 takes a micro SIM card, however, the iPhone 6 takes a nano SIM card. You will need to contact your network supplier and request a nano SIM card in order to use this refurbished iPhone 6. 

        • Hihow does your warranty work for Australian customers?will your unlocked iPhone 6 work on Australian networks?2G bands:900Mhz – Telstra, Optus & Vodafone1800Mhz (Telstra, Optus & Vodafone all use this band for 4G instead)3G bands850MHz (B5) – Telstra, Vodafone900MHz (B8) – Optus, Vodafone – 2100MHz (B1) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone4G/LTE bandsAustralia is currently using these LTE bands2100Mhz (B1) – Telstra (a handful of sites), Optus (Tasmania), Vodafone1800Mhz (B3) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone850Mhz (B5) – Vodafone 2600Mhz (B7) – Telstra, Optus900Mhz (B8) – Telstra (a handful of sites, utilises spectrum previously used by 2G)700Mhz (B28) – Telstra, Optus 2300Mhz (B40) – Optus (Vivid wireless spectrum)thanks

          With this refurbished iPhone 6 you get a 1 year warranty, this applies to all customers. 

          All our unlocked refurbished iPhones are unlocked to all networks worldwide. This means it will work with any network in Australia.  

        • Does it have a fingerprint scanner

          Yes, this refurbished iPhone 6 has Touch ID (a fingerprint scanner).

        • Has it got the fingerprint scanner

          Yes, this refurbished iPhone 6 has Touch ID (a fingerprint scanner). 

        • Looking 2 gold 16gb iPhone 6 if possible could You give me a special price please. Cheers Rodney

          We have a very good points reward system. You are rewarded points towards every purchase you make and share with your friends. Please ensure you create an account to take benefit of the points, this can be done by clicking get rewarded on the right hand side of the website. The points you accumulate can be applied to any future orders you make on our site.

        • What grade is the iPhone 6 gold 16gb?

          This refurbished iPhone 6 comes with markings on the casing only, there will be no markings on the screen itself. If you are looking for a refurbished phone without any visible marking we would advise a Grade A conditioned handset. Please see the link below for the Grade A handset we have available in Grade A 

        • How bad are the scratches on scrapes on the actual phones ? Like would you be happy recieving a phone in its condition ?

          This refurbished iPhone 6 comes with markings on the casing only, there will be no markings on the screen itself. We are proud of all our phones we sell, however, we do Grade A phones too. 
          Please see the link below for the Grade A refurbished phone we have available 

        • Does this phone come in an apple box?

          This refurbished iPhone 6 comes boxed, however, it may not be an original Apple box. 

        • How long does worldwide shipping take ?

          For customers outside the UK, this refurbished iPhone 6 will be dispatched 3-5 working days after payment is made. Once dispatched, it will then take around 3-7 working days to be delivered, depending on where you are.  Please find more information on international shipping here >> www.quickmobilefix.com/pages/international-customer-information

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