• iPhone 6 / 6S Aluminium Shockproof Armour Cover Case - White


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iPhone 6 / 6S Aluminium Shockproof Armour Cover Case - White


iPhone 6 / 6S Aluminium Shockproof Armour Cover Case - White

Shockproof, bump proof, impact proof, dirt resistant!

You have just read the above, this case is made from the best materials to ensure your phone is well protected from all angles!

Lets take a minute to talk about the construction, On the outside on the back and front of the case is strong durable aluminium frame, the design ensures the screen stands the best chance of not being smashed, there is also extra protection as there is a screen built into the phone case, this will protect your screen from dirt and dust. Between the aluminium casing is the all important protective patent pending rubber section which the phone slots into, as you can see by the image the phone has plenty of protection around it, this is all held together not with just friction but allen key bolts! Yes allen key bolts! 6 bolts around the case ensures this case will not come off unless the correct tools are used, you can drop and throw your phone in this case and it should not come out.

You may be thinking however all the extra protection how do I listen to music charge my phone use my home button?

At the bottom of the case is 2 mesh screens to allow the music from your loud speakers to still be heard, in the protective screen is a home button hole so the home button can still be used, and a mesh cover for the ear speaker.

All buttons are still fully functional also!

A slide button is situated on the front and back of the case to mute and un mute the sound, with volume and power buttons.

Under neath the case is 2 clever case designs, one is a charging port cover, to stop dust and dirt from accessing your charging port, and a red flip cover to cover the headphone jack.

In this case you will never have to worry again about dropping the phone.

Allen Key included!

iPhone 6 / 6S Aluminium Shockproof Armour Cover Case - White

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