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1m HDMI To HDMI Cable



1m HDMI To HDMI Cable

1m HDMI To HDMI Cable

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the first industry-supported, uncompressed, all digital Audio & Video Interface! HDMI transmits both digital picture AND sound. As opposed to DVI, which only supports video or picture.

The connectors are made of solid metal and feature gold plated contacts to ensure optimal data transfer. An optimal signal transfer is the basis for brilliant HD picture quality - this high-end cable, ensures this. A very robust nylon shielding gives the cable the necessary stability without restricting its flexibility.

Because of the unique technology, HDMI doesn't compress any of the data it needs to send from let's say your DVD-player to your High Definition TV. When compressing information, tiny bits always get lost in the process. With HDMI this is NOT the case, which results in the best sound and picture available on the market!

Because of these unique features, it is very likely HDMI is going to set the standard for the coming years, replacing analogue connections like S-video and even SCART.

Suitable for use with PS3, Xbox 360, HD TV, 3D TV, DVD Players, Blu-ray Players, and much more.

Latest v1.4 cables which means that they are compatible with all platforms, including 3D.

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