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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an elegant android phone with a funky design. It is produced by Samsung Electronics. Despite its attractive design, it is very susceptible to damage. Even a single fall can render its screen broken. You therefore need to look for a service that will conveniently offer you quality Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairs. When it comes to offering affordable mobile repairs, Quick Mobile Fix is the ultimate service. Here, we put all our efforts into satisfying your needs. Once you send your device to us, our experienced team of technicians will work fast to fix it and restore all its functionalities.


The ultimate Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repair shop

We offer unparalleled repair services around the globe. If your device has a camera issue, we’d be more than ready to help. Maybe your lens is scratched or your camera has a loose connection. It might even fail to function normally. If this is the case, all you need to do is send over your phone to us using the Quick Mobile Fix free postage service. Our technicians will expertly replace the faulty camera with a brand new one and return your device in tiptop condition.

Our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repair services are quite diverse. If you need to replace your phone’s rear cover, get in touch with us or visit our base in Greater London. We will gladly replace your cracked glass cover with a brand new one. You may also be experiencing unknown problems with your phone. If so, you only need to send it to our store and let our technicians have a look at it. They will run various diagnostic tests to unearth the fault. Once they determine the problem, they will alert you immediately. You can then choose to continue with the needed repairs or not. If you choose to continue, the diagnostics cost is deducted.

We also deal with liquid damage repair as part of our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairs. When your device falls in a liquid, there’s no need to worry as our expert technicians are quite capable of fixing it. They will carefully clean and sterilize all the components, after which they will carry out diagnostic tests to ensure that your device is working perfectly. In case further repairs are required, you can choose to go ahead with them.




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