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Nokia Lumia 735 Repairs

The Nokia Lumia 735 is a beautiful smartphone produced by Microsoft Mobile. It has an attractive design which makes it stand out from the pack. It is quite delicate and can quickly get damaged when subjected to harsh conditions. This is why you need to keep your smartphone close to you at all times. You also need to find a good repair shop that can handle all your Nokia Lumia 735 repairs. Quick Mobile Fix is exactly what you need. Here, we dedicate all our energies to providing high quality repairs at an affordable rate.

Our wide array of Nokia Lumia 735 repair services

When your phone hits a hard surface and cracks its screen, you needn’t despair as we have your back. All you need to do is send your device to our store and let our trained technicians fix it. Once we have your phone, we perform a rapid Nokia Lumia 735 screen repair service. We remove the cracked screen and replace it with a brand new one to ensure that your phone looks as good as new.

In case your battery starts behaving abnormally, it may be worn out and in dire need of replacement. A faulty battery discharges power quickly and takes ages to charge. It also gets badly deformed. To get a great Nokia Lumia 735 battery replacement service, send your device to any of our stores using our free postal address. Our technicians will gladly replace your faulty battery with a brand new one that works perfectly.

Sometimes, your phone may suddenly stop charging. The problem could either exist with the charging port or with a faulty internal component. Either way, our technicians can fix it. Once they get your device, they run multiple tests to discover where the problem lies. They then replace the faulty parts with new ones and run more tests to ensure that your device is working as it should.

It’s always important to ensure that your phone’s camera produces high-quality pictures. However, a scratch on the lens or a loose camera connection might decrease the picture quality. To get your camera fixed, bring your device to our stores and let our technicians handle it. They’ll replace the faulty camera with a brand new one specifically designed for your phone. They’ll then return your device in perfect working condition.


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