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iPod Nano 6th Generation Repairs


The iPod Nano 6 contained some significant changes over the previous generation. Instead of having to navigate with a click wheel, this version sported a touch screen and some physical buttons. It also came in a square form factor, while the previous version was much more rectangular. While the Nano 6 couldn't play video, you could buy a wrist strap accessory for it and use it as a rather lovely looking watch.

In fact, the Nano 6 is such a great and functional device that many people don't see the need to upgrade to a newer model. Instead, it's possible to simply perform the occasional iPod Nano 6 repair, and keep on trucking. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, we don't just take care of phone repairs. Instead, we can also fix music players, and this includes iPod Nano 6 repair services.


When it comes to the repairs we carry out, we offer our clients a number of alternatives, depending on how close they are to one of our stores. If you live or work near one of our shops, you can simply visit us for iPod Nano 6 repairs at your convenience. To make things even smoother, you can set an appointment via our website, so that our technicians can expect your arrival.

For our clients who can't visit our shops, we also provide a free post address where people can mail their devices. If you send your Nano 6 in this way, you won't need to worry about paying any postage. Once we repair the device, we'll send it back to you, again with no delivery charge. You will only have to pay for the actual repair. And in the event we're unable to repair the Nano in a cost-effective way, we'll advise you about this and send it back to you, again at no extra charge.


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