iPhone 4S Repairs

 iPhone 4S Repairs

With the iPhone 4S, Apple took the previous generation iPhone model and augmented it with a better camera, capable of taking higher resolution snapshots and 1080p video. In addition to other improvements in terms of speed and power, this was also the version of the iPhone which introduced Siri to the world. Apple had entered the digital personal assistant game, and users of its devices were introduced to the convenience of being able to talk to and verbally control their mobile phones.

Even compared to today's devices, the iPhone 4S remains a very functional and useful product. It's no surprise that many iPhone 4S owners are choosing to forego replacing their iPhones, and are continuing to use these as their daily drivers. There is a continuing demand for iPhone 4S screen repair services, because the bumps and jolts of daily living can end up with a 4S on the floor with a cracked or broken screen. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, our technicians have the knowledge needed to effectively perform an iPhone 4S screen repair. This is something that they can do quickly and in an affordable manner.


Another common jobs involves iPhone 4S battery replacement. This kind of thing is pretty much inevitable given the current state of battery technology. Even if the owner makes sure to practice good habits when it comes to charging, the fact is that each battery has a limited number of charging cycles. Owners will often find that the phone is no longer able to make it through the day, and requires more constant charging. Finally it gets to the point where the phone's battery life is so low that it already impedes regular use. This is where we can come in, by providing the necessary iPhone 4S battery replacement.

The good news is that, once the battery has been replaced, the owner can go back to using the phone regularly. This will be very much appreciated by many owners, since mobile phones play such a huge role in people's lives. They help people to stay organised and to plan their days. And for many of life's daily questions and tasks, Siri is exceedingly helpful.




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