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The iPhone 3G introduced significant new functionality to the iPhone line, much of which is now expected in all new smartphones. For instance, the 3G was the first iPhone to come with GPS, and the state of vehicle navigation systems was never the same again after that. The 3G was also the first iPhone to come with HSDPA speeds, making the mobile web browsing experience that much more efficient and enjoyable. And then there were all of the usual improvements in terms of power under the hood, over the previous generation.

As more time has passed, the demand for 3G repair services has continued to grow. iPhone 3G screen repair services are important because these glass surfaces remain prone to damage and breakage, no matter how careful a user might be. For instance, if the phone ends up in a bag with a bunch of other hard and sharp items, that could already be enough to end up with a scratched or nicked screen surface. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, our people are able to provide iPhone 3G screen repair that is of top notch quality.


The same thing is true for our iPhone 3G battery replacement services. We know that it can be a real pain to have to deal with a battery that no longer holds a charge properly. People want their phones to be mobile. They don't want to have to keep on going back to a power outlet for charging. Our staff have the necessary tools and a good amount of experience so that iPhone 3G battery replacement is also something that they can get done very quickly.

In fact, for most of the repairs that we do, these get completed by the end of the day. This means that if you drop off your iPhone at our premises in London, you can expect to have your device back up and running, before you need to head home. Now, for those people who mail in their devices, they will only have to wait a few days for it to come back. To make things convenient for our clients, we also offer phone rental services, so that they have something to use in the meantime.




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