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When the iPad Mini first came out, it signalled a shift in Apple's approach to the market. Where before, the company was steadfast in sticking to the size of the regular iPad, the Mini showed that Apple was now willing to cater to the needs of people who wanted something even more portable, and with a smaller form factor. This helps to explain why many people who wouldn't buy a full-sized iPad were enthralled by the idea of the iPad Mini.

Now, a device as portable as the Mini is going to end up being exposed to some sort of wear and tear, just from being brought around. If it's kept in a bag, keys and other items might scratch against the screen and body. It could end up exposed to moisture during rainy days, or intense heat on sunny ones. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, we make sure to offer a wide range of iPad Mini repair services, so that if people find their tablets beginning to act up, they can come to us for effective solutions.


An iPad Mini repair job can take on many forms. The battery life of the tablet may begin to fail, so that constant charging is required and the battery loses significant battery life even when it's not actively being used. Or the user may notice that the screen is no longer responding as quickly to swipes or taps, which makes using the tablet much harder and less enjoyable. iPad Mini screen repairs can also involve backlight bleeding, problems with the colour or saturation, ghosting and more. At Quick Mobile Fix, our staff are ready to address a wide variety of iPad Mini issues.

In addition to offering solutions that work, we also make it a point to offer services that are affordable. This is important to us because we know that clients don't want to spend an arm and a leg just so that their current device can continue running smoothly. So cost-effectiveness is something that we treat very seriously.


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