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iPad Mini 3 Repairs


With the iPad Mini 3, Apple brought its Touch ID security interface to the iPad Air's smaller sibling. This was welcome news for people who wanted to secure their tablets with their thumbs or other digits, while still enjoying the smaller form factor that the Mini provided. The Mini 3 also added gold to its colour options which was another welcome addition, as far as Apple customers were concerned.

Even with this iPad’s smaller size and thin body, it's still very possible for accidents to happen however. A tablet might fall out of an open bag and onto the floor. Or a user might have been too aggressive in manipulating the tablet's charging port, causing it to stop working. Whatever the specific iPad Mini 3 repair might be, this is something that we at Quick Mobile Fix can help you with. Our clients appreciate the fact that they can turn to us for expert repairs, provided at affordable prices.


Some people come to us for iPad Mini 3 repairs after they or someone they know have tried to fix the problem themselves. This is the peril involved, when DIY repairs are based on online videos or tutorials. It's important to keep in mind that some of these videos make tablet repair seem very easy and straightforward, when the reality is not quite like that. Some people have found that, after they open up their iPad, they're unable to put everything back together properly. This is when we sometimes have to step in to provide the necessary iPad Mini 3 repairs.

So we do not generally advise going the DIY route, when it comes to fixing an iPad Mini 3. These devices are not easy to open or close, and may often require special tools as well as training. It's also important to remember that opening your iPad may make an existing problem worse. So it's better to simply bring your device to us, so that our technicians can have a good look at it.


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