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Apple has always been known for its beautiful products, but the iPad Air was truly a step in an impressive direction. Customers were amazed to find that this model was able to trim 2 millimetres from the thickness of the device, while still providing battery life that was comparable to the iPad 4. The Air also drastically reduced the bezels around the screen, making the overall package feel even lighter in hand and easier to hold. It's no wonder it was called the Air.

Just like with any device, however, iPad Air repairs eventually become needed. Since it isn't possible for users to replace the tablet's battery themselves, they would have to bring it in for servicing in case the battery began to fail. Or iPad Air repairs might also involve home buttons which no longer function, or even an iPad which refuses to turn on at all.


These kinds of iPad Air repairs are something that we at Quick Mobile Fix are capable of solving. Our technicians are well-versed in the structure of this type of tablet. They know how to disassemble, assemble, open, repair and perform replacements on the iPad Air, while maintaining the safety and functionality of the tablet. Our people also know how to do iPad Air screen replacement, in the event of a cracked or damaged screen. In fact, in many cases, we can get the screen replacement done in under an hour.

Our technicians also make sure to properly diagnose the problem before fixing it. This is important because sometimes a screen problem isn't rooted in the screen itself. There may be some other iPad component which is causing screen discolouration or failure, and in this case, an iPad Air screen replacement won't be sufficient to fix the problem. This is why our people don't shortcut the process, and make sure to check every relevant component, before deciding on a solution.


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