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iPad Air 2 Repairs


Apple is a company that is recognized for its amazing designs and excellent build quality. This is true for its music players, its phones and also its tablets. When the iPad Air 2 came out, reviewers were impressed by the fact that Apple was able to shave yet another millimetre off the tablet's thickness, which is impressive given that the previous iPad Air was already a very thin device.

That said, even if this device is already very thin and light, it's still possible for accidents to happen and for tablets to get dropped. iPad Air 2 repairs often involve a screen that has become dinged, cracked or otherwise damaged, and any damage to that beautiful screen severely compromises the user experience. Thankfully, our technicians here at Quick Mobile Fix know what to do when faced with these kinds of iPad Air 2 repairs. Our clients who come to us know that their tablets are in good hands.


Our staff members know how to safely and effectively perform iPad Air 2 screen replacement, not just because they have the training needed to do so, but also because they have done this type of thing many times. This kind of experience with the process, and familiarity with the inner structure of an iPad Air 2 can spell the difference between a successful screen replacement, and a poor one.

This is also why we do not recommend that owners try to do the iPad Air 2 screen replacement on their own. The fact is that Apple had to do some very creative and efficient engineering, in order to fit such a powerful device into this kind of thin chassis, and one of the downsides of this construction is that it can be rather complicated to repair. Special tools and methods may already be needed, just to get the tablet open. So we would advise that people simply bring their iPads to us, so that these can be worked on safely.


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