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iPad 3 Repairs


When the iPad 3 first came out, it was known as the New iPad. And there truly were some impressive breakthroughs that this tablet delivered, starting with the Retina display with its resolution of 2048 x 1536. This was a huge leap over the competition, and even today, this remains one of the best tablet screens to come out in the market.

Because of the powerful functionality delivered by this iPad, it's understandable that people would bring it around and use it everyday, for many important tasks. It's gotten to the point where people rely on their iPads to stay organized, to keep in touch and much more. This is why it's so important to be able to handle iPad 3 repairs promptly and quickly. Speed is something that we emphasize here at Quick Mobile Fix, because we know that our clients need their devices back in good condition, as fast as possible.

This is why we make sure to streamline the repair process. In the case of iPad 3 repairs, clients who walk into one of our stores will normally be able to return for their device by the end of the day. When it comes to iPad 3 screen repairs, this is something that we consider to be an express repair job, and so there will be many situations where owners can have their iPads back in good condition within the hour.

While our technicians at Quick Mobile Fix act with speed, they also make sure to be thorough. This is important, even for iPad 3 screen repairs, because sometimes there may be problems in other components which are causing or contributing to the screen problems. So in this case, we make sure to diagnose and address those other components as well, so that any repairs done will work into the long term.


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