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iPad 2 Repairs


The iPad 2 brought some major advantages to the table, compared to the first generation iPad. The second iPad was lighter by around 0.2 pounds and thinner, shaving off around 0.16 of an inch. This made the second version much easier to hold and carry. Another major change was the introduction of front and rear-facing cameras. While tablets have never really been convenient design-wise for taking snapshots, owners of the iPad 2 generally appreciated how these cameras provided additional functionality.

While these devices can be considered engineering marvels, they still face the usual limitations in terms of battery life. In fact, many iPad 2 repairs involve the replacement of the batteries which are integrated into the body of the tablet and not user-replaceable. There is still no way at present to design a battery which does not lose its life over time. So for the time being, iPad 2 repairs will inevitably involve battery replacement. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, this is something that our technicians are trained to do.


Our technicians are also trained to provide iPad 2 screen repairs. This could involve replacing a malfunctioning panel completely, or performing repairs to a screen which is exhibiting discolouration or other imperfections. If you bring your tablet into one of our shops, you can generally expect it to be done by the end of the day. In the case of iPad 2 screen repairs, these can fall under our express repair service. What this means is that you could have your iPad back and ready to go within an hour.

One of the things we emphasize to clients is that all problems, whether these are iPad 2 screen repairs or something else, require a full and thorough diagnosis. This is true even for screen issues where the cause seems to be obvious. After all, some screen problems may be linked to or exacerbated by issues with other components in the iPad, and so it's important to identify and address all the malfunctioning parts.


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