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iPad 1 Repairs

iPad 1 Repairs

The first iPad truly was a game changer, in the same way the first iPods and iPhones were game changers. Up until that point, many other companies tried to offer consumer tablets but none of them really captured the public's imagination like the iPad. Today, it's hard to imagine a world without this amazing Apple device. They're being used in schools, at home, in the workplace, and in many other scenarios and contexts.

In fact, the first version of this device remains powerful enough to be supremely useful even now. This is why iPad 1 repairs are rather popular because many owners see the value in extending the lifespan of their tablets. This is something that we here at Quick Mobile Fix can provide because our technicians are well-versed in a wide array of iPad 1 repairs, and we would be happy to help with your device.


We offer our clients two ways of coming to us for their iPad 1 screen repairs or other needs. You can walk into our store to have your iPad checked by our technicians. To streamline the process, our clients can book an appointment with us via our website, so that there's less need to wait and our technicians can expect your arrival. Since our staff have a lot of experience with Apple products, you can expect the iPad 1 screen repairs to be done usually within one hour, or at most by the end of the day.

Another option is for our clients to mail their devices to us. We will take care of the postage both ways, so customers only need to pay for any repairs which are done. Our technicians know the importance of finding cost-effective solutions which fully address the existing problem, and in the unlikely situation where no affordable fix exists, we can mail the device back to you at no charge.


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