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The HTC One XL is an amazing android smartphone produced by HTC. It has a cool design and numerous functionalities. Despite its luxurious look, it is still prone to damage. You therefore need to find a reliable repair shop that will handle all your HTC One XL repairs. Quick Mobile Fix is an incredible repair service that deals with all kinds of phone repairs. Here, we have a team of experienced technicians who work tirelessly to ensure that your mobile device is up and running. We offer free shipping for all repairs. In addition, we have no hidden costs.


Our exquisite range of HTC One XL repair services

When your phone suddenly turns off or starts behaving abnormally, you need to take it to a trained technician. There are a myriad of reasons why your phone could behave in such a manner. One of your internal components could be faulty. Your phone could also be attacked by a virus. If this happens, we have a remedy. Just send us your faulty HTC One XL and our expert technicians will fix it. They’ll run thorough diagnostic tests to determine where the fault lies. They will then inform you of the necessary repairs to be conducted. If you choose to continue with these repairs, we’ll automatically deduct the diagnostics charge.

If your screen breaks, there’s no better place to take it for repairs other than Quick Mobile Fix. It does not matter the extent of damage, our technicians will quickly fix it. Whether your screen is blotted, scratched, dented or broken, send it to us. Our technicians will perform a fast HTC One XL screen replacement service and return your phone in excellent shape.

When you start experiencing charging problems, your battery is the most probable culprit. Your charging port could also be the reason for this behaviour. When you send your phone over to us, our technicians will immediately run diagnostics to determine whether the problem lies with your battery or with your charging port. If your battery is the problem, they will replace it with a new one. If your charging port is damaged, they will remove it and insert a functioning one. At the end of the day, they will return your device looking as good as new.

Other HTC One XL repairs we perform include earpiece repair, liquid damage repair and volume repair. Get in touch with us for these and more HTC One XL repair services.



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