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The HTC One X+ is a voguish smartphone produced by HTC. It is an advanced version of HTC’s One X and comes in a variety of colours. It also has a beautiful design and outstanding features. However, it is very delicate and could easily get damaged if not handled carefully. You need a convenient repair shop that will perform excellent HTC One X+ repairs. There’s no repair shop that quite matches the quality and excellence of Quick Mobile Fix. Here, we believe in offering splendid repairs at a fair price. We have a wide variety of impressive services.

Our unparalleled range of HTC One X+ repair services                                        

If you live far away from our store, you can still reach us conveniently. This is because of our unique free shipping service. You therefore don’t have to fret about incurring postage costs. In addition, we offer no hidden charges. The price you view for all repairs is the same price you pay when you check out. Isn’t it annoying when you come across an untrustworthy technician whose only aim is to have a run for your money? You can save yourself the trouble by sending your faulty device to one of our stores for repair. We’ll give you an unforgettable experience.

There’s no worse feeling than dropping your phone in water. It leaves you feeling awful and in dire need of an experienced technician. When this occurs, drop your device off with us and let our professional technicians handle it. They will carefully clean out all the components affected by the damage and sterilize your phone to get rid of moisture. They will then perform diagnostics to check if your device is working as it should.

If you’re tired of your calls disengaging all the time, you need to replace your antenna. Signs that could show your antenna is damaged include slow data download speeds, WIFI connectivity problems and poor call reception. If your phone behaves in such a manner, send it to us using our free postal address. Our technicians will replace your faulty antenna with a functioning one and return your device in excellent shape.

If you’re in need of a quick HTC One X+ screen replacement service, drop your device at our stores and our technicians will rapidly replace your damaged screen. For these and other HTC One X+ repairs, book an appointment and we’ll definitely be glad to help.



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