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The HTC One V is a chic smartphone manufactured by HTC. It forms part of the HTC One collection. It has a fabulous design and exciting features. Despite its impressive functionalities, it is very prone to damage and needs to be guarded from hazards that may occur. Sometimes, your phone may inevitably get damaged and need immediate repair. This is why you need a convenient repair shop that will handle all your HTC One V repairs. Quick Mobile Fix is the ideal service for you. When it comes to offering quality services at a convenient price, no one does it better than we do.

Our amazing range of HTC One V repair services

If you’re looking to repair your broken or damaged screen, look no further. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, we offer the best HTC One V screen repair services around. It doesn’t matter how severe the damage is, we’ll fix it. Your screen might have developed ugly blots that just won’t go away. Even the smallest fracture on your screen cannot be ignored since it can develop into a huge web over time. When this occurs, bring your device over to us and wait as our technicians expertly replace your damaged screen with a new one.

A damaged antenna can be the cause of many inconveniences. It can cause your data to download at snail’s pace. It can also cause your calls to drop frequently and you WIFI connection to drop. When you’re faced with this scenario, don’t let inconveniences weigh you down. Send your device over to any of our stores and let our dedicated technicians fix it. They will quickly replace your damaged antenna with a functioning one and return your phone in excellent condition.

In case your HTC One V fails to recognize your sim, you may want to seek an experienced technician to perform a sim fault repair. When you send your faulty device to us, our technicians will check the wiring and perform all the necessary repairs. If your device drops in liquid, our technicians can perform a fast liquid damage repair and return your phone in perfect working condition.

Our range of HTC One V repair services also include mute button repair and WIFI repair. To get these and more repair services, book an appointment and we will be glad to help.



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