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The HTC One SV is a lovely android phone that’s produced and manufactured by HTC. It has a cool design and comes in a variety of vibrant colours. However, it can still get damaged as easily as its counterparts. This is why you need a convenient repair shop that is easily accessible to offer you all the HTC One SV repair services you require. Quick Mobile Fix is the ideal service to offer you these repairs. Here, we have a team of experienced technicians who have strict work ethics and a thirst for excellence. We offer the best phone repair services in the UK.

Our brilliant HTC One SV repairs

Wherever you live around the United Kingdom, you can conveniently send your HTC One SV over to us through our free postage service. We understand your need to stay connected all the time. This is why we perform fast repairs and return your phone in a matter of days. Unlike most cunning technicians who will perform poor repair services at an expensive price, we offer quality services at a convenient rate. Our numerous customer commendations are testament to our level of quality and excellence. In addition, we offer no hidden costs.

If your HTC One SV antenna has a problem, it is wise to get it fixed by a qualified technician. Signs that might occur when your antenna is damaged include your calls suddenly dropping, your WIFI connectivity plummeting and your data download speeds dwindling. If you notice one or a combination of these signs, drop your device off with us and let our technicians have a look at it. They will replace the damaged antenna with a functioning one and return your device in tiptop shape.

You might experience problems with your front and rear cameras. They might have developed scratches or loose connections over time. They might also produce blurred, dark pictures even when it’s sunny. If this is the case, our experienced technicians can help. They will replace your faulty camera with a new one that works perfectly.

In case you’re in dire need of a HTC One SV screen repair service, Quick Mobile Fix is the perfect place to get it done. It doesn’t matter the extent of damage that has affected your screen, we will expertly replace it with a brand new one. Other HTC One SV repairs we offer include microphone repair and power button repair.



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