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The HTC One Mini is an elegant smartphone which is manufactured by HTC. It runs on android and sports a very sleek design and amazing features. However, it is quite delicate and prone to damage. It wouldn’t be a wise idea to handle your phone with slippery or clumsy hands. Despite all the measures you might put in place to avoid damaging your phone, some accidents may inevitably happen. This is why you need to find a good repair shop to handle all your HTC One Mini repair needs. There’s no better place to send your device for repairs other than Quick Mobile Fix.

Our excellent HTC One Mini repair services

If you’re looking for a repair shop that will offer you an outstanding HTC One Mini screen repair service, Quick Mobile Fix is the best. It doesn’t matter how much your screen is damaged, our expert technicians will fix it. Once you send your phone to our store, our technicians will quickly replace your damaged screen with a new one and return your phone looking as good as new.

If your battery is the problem, we can help you out. You may be constantly experiencing charging problems. Alternatively, your battery might start discharging quickly or fail to charge at all. When this happens, bring your device to us and let us perform a good HTC One Mini battery replacement service. We will remove your damaged battery and replace it with a new one that works perfectly.

When your data starts downloading slowly and your calls start dropping more frequently, your antenna might be the problem. Other signs that can manifest include your WIFI connectivity dwindling and your signal erratically going in and out. When this happens, send your device to our store using our free postal address and let our technicians have a look at it. They will replace your faulty antenna with a functioning one and return your phone in perfect working condition.

If you want a more personalised HTC One Mini repair service, book an appointment with us and we will set aside all the components you’ll need for the repair.



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