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The HTC One M8S is an android-based smartphone that is designed and manufactured by HTC. It has lots of cool features and sports a stylish design. However, it might get damaged if handled clumsily. This is why you need a reliable phone repair shop to take care of all your HTC One M8S repair needs. Quick Mobile Fix is the best repair shop around. Here, we dedicate ourselves to offering top-notch repair services at an affordable rate. In addition, we offer a free postage service for all repairs. You therefore don’t have to worry about incurring unnecessary shipping costs.

Our amazing range of HTC One M8S repair services

When your HTC One M8S falls on a hard surface and breaks its screen, you might be tempted to hide it somewhere till you get a qualified technician to fix it. You might even consider it kaput. Other hazards that may befall your screen include dents, blots and scratches. When your screen gets damaged, send your phone to us and let our dedicated team of technicians repair it. They’ll perform a quick HTC One M8S screen replacement service and return your phone in perfect condition.

If you’re having trouble hearing the person who’s at the other end of your call, your earpiece might have a problem. This can manifest itself when your phone’s volume remains low even after boosting it to the maximum. When this happens, our technicians can replace your faulty earpiece with a brand new part. Your camera might also develop scratches or loose connections over time. We also replace damaged cameras with functioning ones to ensure that you continue enjoying your photo experience.

In case you’re having trouble with your WIFI connection, the problem might lie with your phone’s internal components. Your device’s vibration function might also be malfunctioning. If so, send your device over to our store and let our technicians have a look at it. They will replace all the faulty parts with fully functioning ones and return your phone looking as good as new.

We offer a wide variety of HTC One M8S repair services including volume button repair, microphone repair and loudspeaker replacement. For these and more, book an appointment with us and we will definitely attend to your repair needs.



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