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How we combat fake reviews

How do we combat fake reviews at Quick Mobile Fix

This is always a challenge for any company, but there are a few key points in which you can identify a fake review. The first thing to look for us the name. Often a reviewer who just has their name as something similar to “Customer” will not always have good intentions, especially if it’s a brand new account.

Platforms like TrustPilot and take fake reviews (good or bad) very seriously, and any reviews that intrude on their policies. 

It’s also important to understand that a review of a previous experience, longer than a month ago, isn’t reflective of the service at that point in time so could potentially be viewed as invalid. Reviewing multiple times also doesn’t contribute to the final rating as most platforms only count one review.

For the safety of our customers and their personal information, we also advise against the use of third party users disguising themselves as support groups or with the offering of help. Please do not provide your personal data or information to anyone claiming they can help you solve your query unless they are authorised by Quick Mobile Fix to do so.

How can you report a fake review to Quick Mobile Fix?

You CAN contact us on our official social media channels, email, live-chat or via call.

If you have a question or a query, please get in contact with us through our official channels such as emailing to or giving chatting to us using our online chat.

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