How to leave a review for Quick Mobile Fix

For the majority, our reviews are mostly ‘organic’. This means that a customer will leave a review on there own without being prompted by us to do so. Another way we get reviews is we’ll send you an email a certain time after your order has been dispatched, just so you’ve had time to really enjoy and use your order.

Why do people leave reviews?

Another very good question! People & customers leave reviews for a multitude of reasons. This can range from a product & Service review, or even share something about the experience they really liked or didn’t like so much. The great thing about leaving reviews and ratings is that not only can the customer give a score on their own personal experience, but it allows us to collectively analyse data to continually improve the customer experience. It also gives a sense of satisfaction to the reviewer that their voice is heard. It’s very important to understand that every single review is individual to the person submitting it, and is a reflection of their own opinion.

This sometimes does mean that some reviews are nonfactual and aren’t actually reflective of the buying experience - unfortunately, these cases are quite hard to mitigate as ultimately, that is someone's opinion! We ultimately draw the line at when a review is purely full of untrue information - which does not reflect anything to do with the company or service.

Fortunately, we don’t have to take action against too many of these review as for the most part, our reviews are genuine customers.

Platforms you can leave us a review

We host reviews on a number of platforms. The main three are TrustPilot, Google Reviews & - TrustPilot is the main port of call in regards to reviews as it’s supported by most sites for integration. We also encourage video reviews of our products which many of our customers have provided!