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A Bit About Us

At Quick Mobile Fix we sell refurbished devices to the entire of the Republic Of Ireland.

Last year, we sold hundreds of mobile devices in the Republic Of Ireland area alone. And that’s only a small percentage of the total devices we repaired and sold across the world overall.

Head-quartered in Greater London, England we offer our specialised refurbished mobile phone and mobile device repair service to those living in the Republic Of Ireland and beyond.


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We also sell a wide selection of refurbished mobile phones and tablets including refurbished iPhone and refurbished Samsung Galaxy along with a large range of mobile phone cases and accessories.



If I Buy A Refurbished Device, Will It Work On My Network In Republic Of Ireland? 

Although we cannot test our devices on the networks in Republic Of Ireland, there shouldn't be a problem in it connecting as long as you buy an unlocked device! If it's not working, get in touch with us and we can try to help. You also have 14 days to return the device if you're not happy with it. 


What Do We Repair?

Dropped your mobile phone or tablet? Need a quick and efficient repair in the Republic Of Ireland ? You've come to the right place!

We repair a huge variety of mobile devices, including all Apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, all Samsung Galaxy devices, all HTC phones including the One Series and Desire, plus a selection of Google Nexus, Nokia, LG and Motorola phones. We can fix almost any mobile device related issue, so if you need an iPhone screen repair or your iPad has water damage, get in touch and we will repair your device for a competitive price. We also offer a number of additional services such as mobile phone unlocking and phone customisation.



Refurbished Phone Orders- There is a postage and packaging fee for any order or repair, costing £4.99 to ship to Ireland. We use a secured international postal service.

Repairs & Returns- For customers outside the UK, you will be required to arrange your own courier to get the device to us and if you wish to return an item.


Delivery to Republic Of Ireland will take between 3-5 working days once your order has been dispatched. We aim to repair devices within 24-48 hours, however some repairs can take longer. Cases and accessories are dispatched within 24 hours and refurbished devices are dispatched 3-5 working days after your payment has been taken. 



All repairs (with the exception of software related, battery and water damaged devices) come with a 12 month warranty. Battery related repairs come with 3 months warranty. This excludes faults relating to physical or accidental damage or if the device is opened whilst in your possession. If the nature of the repair falls outside the terms of your warranty or guarantee, then you may incur a charge for the repair.

The warranty for refurbished phones and tablets sold by Quick Mobile Fix differs depending on the device and only covers manufacturing defects. If the fault is not related to this or happens outside of the warranty period, an extra cost may occur. It does not cover physical or accidental damage. With all refurbished devices sold by Quick Mobile Fix, the battery will only be covered by a 3 month warranty. Please check the product description for further warranty information.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on +44208 5000 308 or email us at customersupport@quickmobilefix.com. You can also use the live chat on our website found in the bottom right hand corner.



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