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Diagnostic Service - iPod Nano 7th Gen


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Diagnostic Service - iPod Nano 7th Gen



iPod Nano 7th Generation Repair


One of the interesting things about Apple's iPod Nano line is that the design can change drastically from year to year. In the case of the iPod Nano 7, this model turned away from the square design of the previous generation, and shifted to a more rectangular form factor. This allowed it to offer a small 16:9 screen, which gave the device video playback functionality. At the same time, this version maintained the solid build quality and fine design details common in other Apple iPods and devices.

While this is a relatively new model, it's not unheard of for owners to need iPod Nano 7 repair services. After all, this is a product that's meant to be used in different environments and scenarios, and whether it's pumping out music on the way to work, at the beach, while jogging in damp conditions, or in other situations, a Nano can end up exposed to harsh elements and may experience rough handling. Here at Quick Mobile Fix, our technicians can provide many iPod Nano 7 repair services, so that you can go back to enjoying your music.


iPod Nano repairs can involve other components as well. A screen might have gotten cracked and requires a replacement. The various buttons on the device, including its home button, might have become unresponsive or erratic. The battery of the Nano may have stopped working, or may be on its way to failing. Whatever iPod Nano repairs you may require, our staff are more than up to the task, thanks to their long experience with Apple devices.

While there are tutorials available which ostensibly aim to walk people through fixing their own Nanos, this is something that we do not recommend. Keep in mind that opening your device could invalidate an existing warranty. At least, when you come to us for servicing, we back up our work with a one year warranty, so that you can have proper peace of mind.


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