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Last Updated: 11th July 2018

Sony Xperia Phone On Table

The Sony Xperia Z comes with many useful features and inbuilt tools, and being able to take a screenshot is one of them. Taking a screenshot can be a really handy go-to tool on any smartphone; it can be much quicker to screenshot and crop an image, rather than to go through the trouble of saving the photo to your device or SD card. From catching that unforgettable Snapchat story to capturing proof of purchase from an email - knowing how to screenshot is a must for any smartphone user.

So, how can you screenshot with ease on your Sony Xperia Z? We’ve mapped out some really straightforward methods for you to choose from below.

The following three methods work for Sony Xperia Z models (Z2, Z3 or Z4):

Method one:

This is the most straightforward method for taking a screenshot. Simply hold down your menu/home button and select ‘take screenshot’ from the options that present themselves.

Method two:

This is a fairly straightforward method, similar to many smartphone models. Hold down your power button and volume down key simultaneously, the screen will then flash.

Method three:

This is a slightly longer-winded method but still works just as well. Click on your menu button and from the small icon apps at the bottom of your screen; select the ‘active clip’ icon. On the menu that presents itself, select ‘capture screen.’

Editing your screenshot

You don’t have to take a screenshot and then access it via your camera roll to be able to edit it. Once you screenshot your phone screen, the ability to edit; crop, add filters and writing, plus more will immediately display on your phone. After editing your screenshot, the original version will be saved alongside your edited one. Simply delete the original to save space.

If you’re not ready to edit your screenshot

If you’re not looking to edit your screenshot straight away, no worries simply press your back button to return to the screen where you’ve just taken the screenshot and continue browsing at your leisure. Your screenshot will patiently be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to edit it in the camera roll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is a Screenshot?

A: A Screenshot is a still capture of whatever is being shown on your device. It is extremely useful when you need to extract information with limited time.

Q: Do people know when I've screenshotted a photo/message?

A: As of now, the only app that informs the recipient of a screenshot is Snapchat. There have been rumours about Instagram and Facebook but they're only rumours.

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