How To Block Numbers On The Sony Xperia Z Series

Last Updated: 12th July 2018

Blocking text messages and incoming calls on your Sony Xperia Z series phone doesn’t have to be a difficult task, in fact, we have just four short steps before you see an end to your nuisance phone calls.

So, whether you’re in possession of a Sony Xperia X, Z2, Z3, Z4 or Z5; the following blog post will brighten up your day. It’s important to note that the first steps might not help you block BOTH calls and text messages depending on your model of Sony Xperia – but don’t worry, we’ve listed some of our favourite text message blocking apps at the bottom of this post.

NOTE: If you’re receiving sales calls from a particular number, it’s best to save these as a contact first so you can easily block all calls from the number.

How To Do It

  1. Open your ‘contacts’ app
  2. Click on the contact you wish to stop receiving calls from
  3. Tap the edit ‘pencil’ icon in the top right, and then click the three-dotted menu button
  4. Select the option ‘All calls to voicemail’

If you decide you ever want to reverse this decision and unblock the contact, simply:

  1. Open your ‘contacts app’ once more
  2. Select the contact you blocked
  3. Click the editing ‘pencil’ icon
  4. Then click the three-dotted menu button
  5. And uncheck your ‘all calls to voicemail’

If you Sony Xperia is one of the models that doesn’t block text messages as well as calls from your nuisance number, please find some apps we recommend you can download from the Google Play store for your Sony Xperia:

SMS Blocker:

The aptly named text message blocker app does what it says on the tin. Say goodbye to spam and unwanted text messages.

Read more about SMS Blocker here

Secure Solution:

With this app, you can either block any number from your contacts list or add unwanted numbers manually.

Read more about Secure Solutions app here

Calls Blacklist – call blocker

Although the app’s name suggests it is just call blocking they can help the user with, the app is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can block calls and messages from unwanted, private or unknown numbers.

Read more about Calls Blacklist here

If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your Sony Xperia, check out our dedicated blog post section here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I unlock someone after I have blocked them on my Sony Xperia?

A: Yes you can! Open your ‘contacts app’ > select the contact you blocked > click the editing ‘pencil’ icon > click the three-dotted menu button > uncheck your ‘all calls to voicemail’.

Q: If I block someone will it delete them from my contacts?

A: No, the contact you block will not be deleted.

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