How To Solve Sony Xperia Over Heating Problems

How To Solve Sony Xperia Over Heating Problems

Some new smartphones get warm during use. However, Sony Xperia handsets have had a lot of complaints regarding over-heating problems. Sony smartphones are equipped with powerful hardware and features, so its inevitable that the device will get very warm; the longer you use it, the more intensive the activity, the warmer the phone!

Here are a few solutions on how to resolve overheating issues on your Sony Xperia:

Solution 1:

Remove the back case to release heat out the phone. Leave aside to cool down for a few minutes. DO NOT dip the phone in very cold water, especially if the phone is very hot as it could possibly crack the screen.

Solution 2:

For video recording, try to shoot your videos in 8-10 minutes maximum to minimise the risk of overheating as Sony Xperia use 4K recording thermal which (has been confirmed) can add strain to the handset processor - try to record smaller clips!

Solution 3:

Enable STAMINA MODE. The stamina mode is great way to save the battery life, help keep the device cool and disable any activity running in the background.

Solution 4:

DO NOT use phone whilst charging because it increases the temperature, especially when there's too many activities running at the same time.

If your device continues to face overheating issues, its highly recommended to visit a technical repair centre.

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