How To Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Note (Both Soft & Hard)

Last Updated: 4th July 2018

With an IDC Research report published a few years ago stating that 79% of people aged 18-44 have their smartphones with them 22 hours a day, it’s not surprising that when it slows or stops working, it can have a big impact on your everyday life. Being able to perform both a ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ reset on your Samsung Galaxy Note can help you fix some slow running phone issues yourself, without the need to take it to a specialist repair shop - minimising wasted money.

In this post we take you through the two different options you can perform if your phone starts acting up! It’s important to note (no pun intended) that you should consider backing up all your phone’s data for both options - just in case. It is less likely that you will lose any data when carrying out the first ‘soft’ reset option, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

How To Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Note (Both Soft & Hard)

Option 1: The Soft Reset

This is the option we suggest you try before conducting a ‘hard’ reset. It’s quicker and it doesn’t need to wipe your phone completely. You might find conducting a ‘soft’ reset fixes all your phone’s response issues.

  1. While your phone is on, simply press and hold down your power button until a menu pops up
  2. The menu will ask you if you want to shut down, restart or start in emergency mode
  3. Select the ‘restart’ option
  4. You’ll now be asked to select the ‘reset’ option again. This is your Samsung Galaxy Note just checking you didn’t select this option by accident
  5. After you’ve confirmed your selection, your phone should now restart automatically

The issue still not fixed? Check out the ‘hard’ reset option below!

Option 2: The Hard Reset

This is a much more thorough reset option, as you can probably guess by the name ‘hard’ reset. Although we gave you some advice at the beginning of the post to back your phone data up. You will need to back it up if you’re carrying out this option as you will be wiping the phone back to its factory settings.You can backup your data by saving it all to an SD card or an external hard drive.

  1. Make sure your phone is switched off for this reset
  2. Holding down the ‘up’ volume button, ‘home’ button and ‘power’ button simultaneously until the screen loads with the Samsung logo
  3. You should now see the Android green man. Let it load until you’re faced with a system recovery menu
  4. Navigate using your volume ‘down’ key, until you reach the option titled ‘wipe data/factory reset’
  5. Using your ‘power’ button, select that option
  6. On the next screen you’ll see the option ‘Yes- delete all user data’, using the volume ‘down’ key navigate to this option
  7. Using your ‘power’ key again, select this option
  8. You’ll now see the option ‘reboot system now’, using the ‘power’ key once again, select this option
  9. Your phone should now complete the ‘hard’ reset

Looking for more tips for using your Samsung Galaxy Note? Check out our Knowledge Centre here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I need to reset my Samsung Galaxy Note?

A: You may need to reset your Samsung Galaxy Note if there is an error with your device. Resetting the settings or device completely often fixes annoying errors.

Q: Will I loose everything on my phone if I reset it?

A: Resetting your phone will not wipe anything from it, but we advise you to regularly back up your device to avoid ever loosing anything.

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Article By Helen Jackson

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