How To Reset A Samsung Galaxy Tab

Sometimes, when your Samsung Galaxy Tab starts to slow when attempting to complete basic tasks or if you notice when you open apps it’s acting a little odd - it might be time to explore your tablet’s reset options.

We are going to show you two ways you can reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab. It’s important to remember to backup your data before attempting either of these steps. You can back your data up to an SD card or an external hard drive. Although the first option, called the ‘soft reset’, is unlikely to cause you to lose any data, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’d suggest backing your data up just in case!

How To Reset A Samsung Galaxy Tab

Option 1: The Soft Reset

Sometimes, a soft reset is all your Samsung Tab requires. This reset technique can help give your tablet that wakeup call so it starts running correctly again.

  1. Whilst your tablet is on press and hold down the power key
  2. From the options that are displayed select ‘restart’
  3. You will see a screen double-checking you want to start (in case you pressed it accidentally)
  4. After this, your tablet should restart automatically

Option 2: The Hard Reset

If you feel as though conducting a ‘soft reset’ didn’t fix your slow loading and response issues, you can try completing what is known as a ‘hard reset’. For this option, you need to ensure you’ve backed up all your data as this option will wipe your phone clean.

  1. Unlike the ‘soft reset’ you’ll want to ensure your tablet is powered off for this reset option
  2. Once off. Press and hold the ‘up’ volume key simultaneously and ‘power’ button
  3. Only release the buttons once you see the Samsung logo appear on your screen
  4. Your tablet will now automatically enter the system recovery
  5. Using your volume keys to control navigation, move down the list of options until you reach ‘wipe data/factory reset’
  6. The ‘power’ button in this mode acts as a selection button. Select the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ setting by pressing the ‘power’ button.
  7. On the next screen that appears, using the volume down button again, navigate to the option ‘yes delete all user data’ - select this option again using your power button.
  8. Your tablet should now complete a hard reset.

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Article by Helen Jackson

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