How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Tab

Last Updated: 4th July 2018

Unlike your home computer or laptop, your Samsung Galaxy Tab doesn’t come with a trackpad or a computer mouse. So copying and pasting text might seem like a tricky action to complete on your tablet, but we’re here to share with you some really straightforward steps to make sure you can copy and paste with ease!

How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Tab

Why would you need to copy and paste on your Samsung Galaxy Tab? If you want to share a word, sentence or a paragraph of text with someone or perhaps save a note for yourself on your tablet (maybe of a recipe or a set of map directions from the internet), copying and pasting this information can save you time. Copying and pasting is a useful tool, as, on your tablet, you are unable to have two screens side by side to coherently type the content down from one page to another. So if you’re not sure how to copy and paste on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, tune in and follow the steps below.

Copying single words

  1. Find the content you want to copy and have it displayed on your screen
  2. Simply tap and hold your finger down on the word you wish to copy
  3. You’ll notice a small menu pops up by the word. Select the ‘copy’ option
  4. This content has now been saved to what Samsung calls a ‘clipboard’
  5. Open the notepad, text message or wherever you want to paste the copied content. Tap and hold your finger down again, this time selecting the ‘paste’ option

Copying entire sentences

  1. As when copying any text on your Samsung Tab, have the content you wish to copy open in front of you
  2. Tap and hold your finger down on any word in the sentence you wish to copy
  3. The options of ‘copy’ will display itself, but you don’t want to click that just yet
  4. You’ll notice that there are two blue cursors that appear when you hold down your finger over a word
  5. Drag the first cursor on the left to the beginning of the sentence you wish to copy and do the same with the end right cursor, drag this to the end of the sentence you wish to copy.
  6. Now you have highlighted your entire sentence, click the ‘copy’ option
  7. Find the area you wish to paste this to, whether it’s a text message or a document, and hold your finger down once again and select the ‘paste’ option

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Extra tip: If you want to copy all of the text in a document or message stream. Simply hold your finger down as before but instead of selecting ‘copy’ you’ll want to choose the ‘select all’ option. Paste as mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Samsung Tab?

A: The Samsung Tab is a range of Android tablets produced by Samsung.

Q: What does copying and pasting mean?

A: Copying and pasting is when you select and copy text or images from one place to another. This saves you from having to replicate it where you want it.

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