How To Use S Voice On Samsung Galaxy

Posted: Jun 15 2014


1. Press the Home button twice or find the app on your home screen. Look like this >   

 Samsung Galaxy S Voice

2. Ask S Voice for what you want.  



If you hesitate, S-Voice assumes that you are not ready to talk and goes into a sleep mode. To wake it up, just say “Hi Galaxy.”


You Can Ask S Voice The Following:

-          The time.

-          To set an alarm.

-          To turn Wi – Fi on or off.

-          The weather forecast.

-          To set a countdown timer.

-          To record your voice.

-          To open an app.

-          To start playing a playlist.

-          To add an appointment to your schedule.

-          To find a local restaurant, store, or public location.

-          To navigate to an address or location.

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