LG Overview

LG Overview

LG is a South Korean consumer electronics company that makes — among other things — smartphones, tablets and computers that are sold around the world. It also has many subdivisions that make many of the components that are used by its own smartphones and tablets, as well as sourced by several other major phone manufacturers. LG is probably best known for the displays, chips and batteries it makes for mobile devices. At Quick Mobile Fix, our LG online repair service is quick and easy to use.

We repair a huge range of LG devices including LG L series and LG G series, and offer many different LG repair services including screen repairs, charging port repairs, front and back camera repairs, loudspeaker repairs. If your LG device has been damaged by liquid you can use our highly rated liquid damage service which has a very high success rate of reviving LG devices after liquid damage.

If you're unsure what is wrong with your LG device you can send it off to us for a LG diagnostic service. This will enable our trained technicians to carefully examine your LG device and evaluate what faults the device has and whether it is repairable or not.

If you need a case to protect your LG phone or tablet or need a new charger, we have you covered! We also sell a large range of LG cases.

If you simply want to learn a bit more about a device, you're in the right place! By selecting a model below, you can get a quick overview of the device and see its top specifications.