How To Reset The OnePlus One

Posted: Sep 27 2016


If your OnePlus One is playing up or you have decided to sell it, then you will probably need to reset it. Below are a few simple steps on how to either erase all the data from your OnePlus One or hard reset your OnePlus One. 


How To Erase All Data

1. Go to Settings.

2. Find and select the backup and reset option.

3. Choose factory data reset.

4. Select reset phone.

5. Finally tap on the erase everything button and now your OnePlus One phone will proceed with a factory reset and automatically reboot. 



How To Hard Reset

1. Turn your OnePlus One off.

2. Press and hold the volume down button and power button together for about 10 seconds. 

3. When the OnePlus One vibrates you can keep holding the volume down button until the recovery mode appears.

4.Now select ' Yes Delete All User Data' to do this use the volume down button to scroll and the power key to select.

5. Now restart the phone by selecting reboot system now. From here your OnePlus should start the hard reset operation. 



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