New Phones Coming In 2018

Last Updated: 4th July 2018

Another year has gone by and with 2018 quickly approaching we are now looking forward to seeing what new phone may be released next.

Below you will find a list of all the phones that may be produced and release next year:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - This new Samsung model is likely to be one of the showstoppers of 2018, this will also be launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini model. We are expecting to see this new Samsung Galaxy model launch early in the year, probably February or March 2018 and will be around the same price point as its predecessor when launched. It is rumoured that this new Samsung device will be very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 but will include a few new features including an in screen fingerprint scanner and a bigger more efficient battery.
  • iPhone 11 - Next years flagship iPhone will probably have the usual arrangement with the launch being in September and after such a large enhancement with the iPhone X, it is extremely unlikely we will see many dramatic changes next time around. A few possible changes that have been circulating include the new iPhone model featuring a metal case which will come in several different colours and may include 5G technology which will improve data speeds. And to improve things further, it is rumoured that Apple is currently developing power management chips in-house, which would improve the phone's performance overall. In terms of price, it has been said that if the iPhone X continues to sell in large volumes, the price of the new iPhone will be similar with a minimum price tag of around £999.
  • iPhone SE 2 - Apple's new low-cost iPhone is expected to be released in March 2018 and will be considerably cheaper than the iPhone 10 costing around the £340 mark. In terms of appearance, rumours suggest the iPhone SE 2 will look like the iPhone 8 but have slightly smaller dimensions and include an LCD - TFT instead of an OLED display.
  • LG G7 - Although the LG G6 only got released in March this year experts say that the South Korea company may look to get ahead of their competitors by launching the LG G7 early in 2018, with as early as January being rumoured.
  • Nokia 9 - The experts are saying this new potential flagship phone for Nokia could be revealed as early as the 19th January 2018. As you would expect the Nokia 9 is going to be a much-improved model compared to the Nokia 8 which may include a larger display, added RAM, more storage and an improved camera.
  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Premium - Experts predict that Sony will show off their Premium version of the Sony Xperia XZ1 at the MWC 2018 trade show. It is predicted the phone will eventually be launched late February 2018 and feature a 5.7-inch 4K display screen and a bezel-less design.
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 - The Sony Xperia XZ2 may be Sony's first ever bezel-less smartphone joining the likes of Apple and Samsung. Rumours suggest the Sony Xperia XZ2 will feature a 5.48-inch screen with a 12 MP front camera and a 15 MP back camera and will include 64 GB of internal storage with 4 GB of RAM.
  • HTC U12- This new HTC phone is expected to come our way in May 2018 and will not be cheap with prices expected to start at around £649. Although there is not much information about this new HTC phone yet, rumour has it we will see some big changes to this phone compared to the previous HTC U11 model, including a dual lens and a metal case instead of the glass casing like before and will be similar in terms of design to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G6.
  • Huawei P11 - The new Huawei mobile phone is set to be announced at the next MWC in 2018 and is set to cost around £500. There is not much information about this phone yet but rumours have it there will be a major design change and will be more in the iPhone X style.
  • Google Pixel 3 - This phone is not expected to reach us until October 2018 and there is not much information going around on the actual phone. Like the last time with the launch of the Google Pixel 2, it is rumoured that once again Google will launch 3 new Pixel phones next year.
  • Mi Mix 3 - Although we have only just seen the launch of the Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi is already planning its successor the Mi Mix 3. Mobile experts are expecting this new Xiaomi model to include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with a 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage, the screen is likely to be 5.99 inches and the phone will be launch around the October 2018 period.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Although nothing has been confirmed many phone experts expect the new Samsung Galaxy Note to come out in August 2018. Early rumours suggest the Note will have a 4K 6.4-inch display with a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen. Recently the president of Samsung's mobile sector, Koh Dong - Jin mentioned that Samsung is aiming to release a bendable model in 2018, therefore, there is a chance the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be this foldable device, however, there is no evidence to show this.
  • OnePlus 6 - The next OnePlus flagship phone is set to be launched June next year. As it is their headline phone it will not be cheap with prices starting around the £449 mark but is still much more affordable compared to the major flagships phones of Apple and Samsung for example. This new OnePlus phone will probably not be too much different compared to the previous model and will probably once again include the dual lens camera system. However, one thing that seems certain is it will include one of the best chipsets around and a larger RAM capacity.

New Phones Coming In 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was the iPhone X released?

A: The iPhone X was released on 3rd November 2017.

Q: When was the Samsung Galaxy S9 released?

A: The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released on the 18th March 2018.

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