Motorola - Transferring Phone Contacts And Files

Motorola Phones Lined Up

Manually typing in your contacts and transferring files individually to your new phone can take hours. It's the longest, most frustrating task ever, but we can help you move all of your contacts and files to your new Motorola mobile phone, from your old phone, in minutes!


You are connected through Wi-Fi to avoid your battery from running out in the process.

Importing from an Android

  1. Download Motorola Migrate app on your new Motorola
  2. You will be asked "if this is your handset", press NEW.
  3. The app will show you a list of information it can transfer over from your old phone, Press NEXT.
  4. Grab your old phone, download the Migrate app.
  5. Switch back to your new phone and press START.
  6. Hover your old phone camera at the black and white square until both phones connect to each other.
  7. Transfer is now in progress. Leave your phone as it will take quite a long time to complete - depending on the amount of files and contacts.
  8. Once the transfer is complete, press EXIT to finish.

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