Mobile Phone DIY Repairs Could Prove Costly
iPhone 5S Currently being Repaired at Quick Mobile Fix

Many people like to learn new skills and like to think with internet guides, they can save time and money by repairing their own mobile phone devices, but as phone specification and technology improves, the difficulty in repairing mobile phone devices also increases. Ilford based mobile phone repair specialists, Quick Mobile Fix, believe that people should steer clear of DIY repairs, as it could end up increasing the overall repair costs, or damage the phone permanently and even beyond repair.

On New Years Eve 2014, the world celebrated 30 years since the first mobile call made by Michael Harrison on a phone that weighed the equivalent of five bags of sugar, where the iPhone 6 only weighs 129g. Phones are now designed to fit perfectly into your palm, do everything that your laptop or desktop can do, and in an instant; it is our portal to the rest of the world.

The issue the nation and the world face, is one of fear. When an individual is left without a mobile device, people become shut off from their friends and social networks, the question has to be said; how did we ever cope?

Back when the famous Nokia 3210 was a popular phone to use across the UK, repairs were much easier to sort due to the technology inside simply allowing you to send a text or make a phone call. Screens were made from cheaper material and they were the size of about four postage stamps. Again because of the technology within a mobile device 15 years ago, the need to have your phone at your side 24/7 wasn’t there. If you didn’t have your phone, or it was broken, you borrowed a friends to either send a text or make a call, or you popped home to use the landline.

As a nation, we are impatient, we want now and not next week. This mentality hits when our mobile phones are out of action, but being impatient and thinking you can save money by doing a repair yourself on your phone, could leave you further out of pocket.

Sean Barber, Marketing Manager, at Quick Mobile Fix said: “It is becoming more and more popular for people to try and fix their own phones because of websites, toolkits and guides available. However there are several issues you could face doing this yourself and although you may say I would have a biased opinion anyway, DIY repairs are not something you should entertain if you do not have the qualifications or experience.

“If you are ordering your parts over the internet, the likelihood of them being the best parts for your repair is very slim. There is the fact that you need to spend just to purchase the right tools for the specific job, for example, you might need to spend around £13 just for the tools to repair an iPhone 5 screen.”

“The two biggest issues are that you lose any warranty on the phone trying to repair it yourself, but also you could completely destroy your phone if you get the repair wrong or create additional problems. Quite a few of the repairs we see are because people have attempted a DIY job and either got completely confused and we receive the phone in many parts, or they simply tried to replace a screen and they have shattered other components.

“Not only have they paid for the cost of the new parts, lost time on trying to repair the device; now they have to fork out further costs for additional issues that were not there in the first place.

“There is only one positive outcome when doing a DIY job, that is your phone is fixed, however if you look at the bigger picture, the chances of you making the situation worse, create additional costs and increase mobile phone down time, are highly likely because you simply don’t have the right skills for the job.”

The free repair guide and network iFixit, publishes smartphone repairability scores, with a score of 10 being easier to repair than a score of 1, which would be extremely difficult. For example the HTC One (2013 model) scored a 1, IFixit’s experts writing that it was ‘Virtually impossible to open without damaging the rear case’. The 2014, Galaxy S5, scored a rating of 5/10 which was a lower score than it’s predecessors and certainly more difficult to repair.

Quick Mobile Fix, which launched last July, is a national mobile device repair service that offers a solution to the problems many of the nation faces when mobile phones break, mainly, how do you contact people now?, How long will you be without your phone? Not only will Quick Mobile Fix mend your current mobile phone, tablet, laptop or iPod with their 24 hour service, but, also, offer incredibly competitive prices, include free postage and a 1 year warranty on most repairs, and will, additionally, offer you a courtesy phone in return at only £9.99 per week.

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