How To Control Your TV Using Your HTC One Phone

Last Update: 12th July 2018

How To Control Your TV Using Your HTC One Phone

Losing the remote, whether it’s down the side of the couch or in a different room altogether, is a common problem for many TV lovers. So, you’ll be happy to know that you can use your HTC One phone as a universal TV remote.

How To Connect Your HTC Phone To Your TV

  1. These steps should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Open your TV sense app – this should be a small rectangle icon with a power button inside it.
  3. The app will prompt you to select a country, scroll and tap on your country
  4. Then you’ll be prompted to enter your postcode
  5. Select your TV service provider from the list provided
  6. Select all the channels you have access to through your service provider
  7. The app will also give you a list of on-demand services to choose from. If you don’t have any, simply press the ‘skip’ button in the bottom-left corner
  8. You’ll then get asked to favourite your top shows. This can help the app display particular favourites as it loads up. Press finish.
  9. You should now see a setup HTC remote page on your mobile, press the start button.
  10. Give your remote a name; this could be ‘home.’
  11. You’re given the option to merge all TV components into one remote; the options are TV, Cable Box or Home Theatre. Select all options that apply to you.
  12. Select the make of your TV, for example, Sony, and press next.
  13. Point your HTC One phone toward your TV and press ‘turn on TV.’ If your TV has turned on, click the ‘yes’ button.
  14. Keep your TV switched on and click ‘next’ to set up the remote for your Cable Box. At this point, your phone will ask you to tap buttons on your screen such as ‘CH+’, ‘menu’ ‘cursor key’ and other commands. Each time the command works you press ‘yes’ to move onto the next step.

How To Use Your New HTC One Universal Remote

As with everything new, it might take you a few times to adjust to using your HTC One phone as your TV remote. But here are a few tips to make sure you can find the basics:

  • Once you’ve opened the app, navigate to the ‘recommended’ tab. This will open out a list of options from sports to movies and TV shows. Simply select one of these options to view what’s on TV now and what’s on next.
  • To access your inbuilt TV remote, simply tap the remote icon, located two icons to the right of your ‘recommended’ tab.
  • The remote will look like a fairly basic edition of your previous remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an App to control my TV with my HTC?

A: Yes, you will need the 'TV sense' app, which may already be preloaded on your device.

Q: Do all HTC devices have an IR Blaster?

A: Unfortunately not, and it currently looks like this feature is only present on the HTC One M8.

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