How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Galaxy Note

Last Updated: 4th July 2018

When you’re on a computer, it’s so easy to cut, copy and paste with your mouse or your keyboard shortcuts, but on your Samsung Galaxy Note it’s a little different. Being able to copy and paste a bit of text can make sharing content so much easier. It’s not like you can have two tabs open side-by-side to effectively rewrite the content into a text. And, let’s face it, even if you could do that, imagine how time-consuming it would be!

How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Galaxy Note

We’ve written out a few simple steps to ensure you can make use of the copy, cut and paste features on your Samsung Galaxy Note. These directions are the same regardless of your model of Samsung Galaxy Note. So whether you’ve got models up to 7 or even when you get your hands on the Samsung Note 8 - they’ll all be the same. In fact, these steps will be applicable to most androids on the market.

Copying single words

  1. You can copy single words by holding down your finger on your touchscreen until the ‘copy’ option appears.
  2. Simply select the word ‘copy’
  3. This content is now saved to your clipboard. When you’re ready to paste it, simply hold your finger down again until the same options show themselves and select ‘paste’

Copying whole sentences

  1. Press and hold onto any word within the sentence or paragraph you want to copy until the same menu is displayed.
  2. This time you need to use the blue tab-like cursors. Drag the left blue cursor to the beginning of the sentence you wish to copy. Then drag the right blue cursor to the end of the sentence you want to copy.
  3. Now you’ve highlighted the area you want to copy on your Samsung Note, select the copy option from the menu bar.

Copying all content in view

  1. As with the two previous copy techniques, you’ll want to press and hold down your finger on any of the words within the text you want to copy.
  2. When the copy menu appears, simply select the option titled ‘select all’
  3. Then press copy once all content is selected and paste wherever you desire as usual!

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Extra tips

It’s not just the most recently copied content you can paste into a conversation. You can paste any content you’ve copied previously.

  1. Press and hold your finger down where you’re wanting to paste the content.
  2. Instead of pressing the ‘paste’ option, select ‘clipboard’
  3. This will bring up a gallery of all the content you’ve copied and also any content you have screenshot using your phone.

If you’re looking for more tips about your Samsung Note, check out our Knowledge Centre for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Samsung Tab?

A: The Samsung Tab is a range of Android tablets produced by Samsung.

Q: What does copying and pasting mean?

A: Copying and pasting is when you select and copy text or images from one place to another. This saves you from having to replicate it where you want it.

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Article by Helen Jackson

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