What's Next? Folded Smartphones Of Course
After years of improvements, the new age of smartphones is arriving, big brands such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Lenovo and Sony are introducing foldable smartphones to the market. Brands will surprise us with new foldable smartphones in 2019. Huawei and Samsung especially will be the first to release their foldable smartphones in earliest 2019.

Galaxy F

Samsung has worked on this idea of foldable phones prior to 2013. The CEO of Samsung DJ Koh has confirmed the launch of the phone in February 2019 at the Mobile World Congress.
There are rumours of the new foldable Samsung to be called “Samsung X” or “Samsung F”. While the expectations for this new coming phone are high as it is suppose to come with three screens, one of these three screens is found on the outside of the handset and the other two displays on the inside.The size will be 3.5 inch screen when is folded to 7 Inch screen open.
This new Folded Samsung smartphone will be just the new of oncoming series. However being one of the first means it will not be coming in a cheap price.


Jim Xu Huawei Consumer Business President confirmed that Huawei branded foldable Smartphones could be released in earliest 2019. Trying to beat Samsung and be the first to launch a new foldable smartphone. Huawei simply wants the title of being first. They are already the third biggest phone maker in the world with aspirations to beat its rivals like Samsung and Apple. However the first folded smartphone “ZTE Axon M” was released in US last November.
Apparently, Huawei will be using BOE Chinese Display maker to help the company creating the foldable OLED panel.
Huawei design might fold out into full screen making a size of a tablet, without having a hinge to separate both screens.

Sony Xperia

At first Microsoft and Samsung became popular with its foldable smartphones. Now, Sony is launching its foldable smartphone “Sony Xperia Flex” at IFA 2019.
Even though there is not solid information of the phone, the phone has it has similarities to PlayStation 4 when is folded. This folding Xperia Flex is coming with 13MP front camera and 3D face recognition technology, and two rear cameras of 19MP and 12MP. It also will have fingerprint reader.
The size will be 6.2 inch in 4K OLED screen, which will give high definition to this smartphone. It also has 1.5 inch screen on the button and top of the phone.
However, there is not information of the release date of this new Sony Xperia Flex, and the company has not give much information regarding their new folding smartphone.

Motorola Razr V4

There are different rumours of Motorola new folding phone, but certainly, it looks like Motorola is currently working on a foldable phone. This Motorola Razr design comes from the line Motorola Razr as the brand sold more than 130 million units worldwide.
There are expectations of the new folded smartphone to be 7 inch QHD amoled display with 18:9 aspect ratio. It will contain three screens in the front and the rear, capable to open and put it into tablet mode. It will also contain a multipurpose panel on the button of the phone which will include the fingerprint sensor.
There is not details regarding the release date and price of this Motorola RAZR V4.

LG Folding

LG is not staying behind with the new folded smartphones generation, as LG is currently the leader in rolling and folding displays, as it already have shown in different events their devices. It is also known that LG displays are being used by other brands such as Huawei.
There are rumours of this LG folded device will have a better display than Samsung foldable phone, and will include a single camera at the rear of the phone.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Last, but not means least, there are expectations of Apple creating a foldable smartphone, however, there are not patents and sign of the brand, or rumours of releasing an Apple folded smartphone in the next year. Apple has not confirmed the creation of a folded smartphone, but fans will wait, as this brand is categorised as one of the most innovative when creating smartphones.

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