What To Do When Your Phone Has Dropped In Water

We’ve all been there. You’re casually enjoying your day out and, oh dear. You’ve just dropped your rather lovely phone into a puddle, lake, drink or even toilet. Now, your immediate reaction was probably one of the following. One, “quick dump it in a bowl of rice” or two, “Errrr… help? help, help!”. But what should you really be doing in a worst case scenario?

We’ve written up this handy guide for what you should do if you’ve dropped your phone in water.

1). Turn off the phone

This one is arguably more important than you may think. The reason why it’s important to turn off your phone immediately after dropping it in any form of liquid is because water and electrical components as a rule, generally don’t mix very well. Be sure to switch it off to avoid any unwanted hairstyles.

2). Dry off the phone

Now, this may seem self-explanatory but it’s a little more in-depth than you’d initially presume. Be sure to dry off your phone with a soft towel or kitchen roll so that you’re not at risk of scratching the screen. Secondly, DO NOT use a blow dryer to remove the water. Why? Quite simply, using a blow dryer could potentially cause more harm than good to the components inside the phone.

Oh and don’t even think about putting it in the microwave, oven or freezer. Just don’t.

3). Rice, rice baby

Now, I’m not going to lie here. The first time I was told that you should dump your toilet water filled phone into a bag of rice, I thought I was being made to look like a fool. But oddly enough, there is some level of method to the madness. The logic behind this is actually because rice absorbs moisture and dampness so should in theory help with removing some of the remaining liquid from your poorly device.

4). Let it dry

Again this one probably seems a little self-explanatory but it’s not uncommon to get rather excited and try and turn on the phone straight after all of the above steps have been taken. Unfortunately, this is not the way to go about doing things. Be sure to leave the device to air for at least another five hours. I know, it’s very tempting to turn it on but I assure you, it may well end in disappointment. It’s way better to be safe than sorry.

5). Turn it on

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now the phone is dry, try turning it on. If it doesn’t turn on, feel free to try and charge it to see if you can get any response from the phone. It’s worth a few attempts as the phone has had a pretty traumatic experience. Poor thing. However, if the phone doesn’t turn on, you’ve got a slightly deeper issue on your hands…

6). My phone doesn’t turn on…

Ah. Right, well this is where it gets a little more difficult. If your phone doesn’t turn on after the steps you’ve taken above then it’s pretty clear that there is a deeper issue at hand. This could be a multitude of problems. It could be battery damage, it could be that the screen has been affected or even that the motherboard has been compromised. Now, you have a few options - all of which are going to have some level of cost.

You can either get yourself a new phone, claim on insurance if you have it - or the final option is getting your phone repaired. There are many companies out there including ourselves that have seen our fair share of water damaged devices. Fortunately, for the majority, these devices can be brought back to life and repaired.

How much is it going to cost? Well, that’s a rather complex question. The issue here is that depending on the depth the phone was dropped, how long it was in the water, how well it was dried all contribute to the extent of the damage that could be inside the phone.

If you are looking to go down the repair route, we offer a full system diagnostic for just £19.99 and then we’ll identify exactly what is wrong with the phone. From there on it’s your call to what you’d like to do.

You can find our full list of phone repairs here if you’ve dropped your device in water.

The next option is getting yourself a new phone. A way you can save cash is by buying refurbished - Refurbished phones range from grade C which is “okay condition” with the odd scratch and scuff all the way up to pristine which is essentially a brand new device. If you fancy getting yourself a refurbished phone you can check out our full range here.

So that’s it! We hope this guide somewhat helps and we hope you find a solution to your water damaged phone. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help - email customersupport@quickmobilefix.com.

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