What Is The Smartphone Of The Future?

The future of the smartphone market has been largely debated in recent years, with suggestions that smartphone technology is heading towards a bottleneck in terms of actual development.

The issue is that the majority of new phone models aren’t really making any new groundbreaking advancements as, naturally, to develop a smartphone to be more powerful it would have to get larger, therefore sacrificing usability and portableness. The last thing we want is to be returning to the days of the Motorola 8000.

Samsungs Senior Vice President, Hark-sang Kim has recently acknowledged this and said the following: “we are still living in a world where the size of the smartphone display can only be as large as the device itself. At Samsung, we began to ask ourselves how we can overcome this limitation and expand the possibilities of what users can accomplish on the go.”

Samsung believes that the Smartphone as we know it will eventually become redundant and evolve into something considerably more portable and usable. This would explain Samsungs move to invest heavily into the all-new Infinity Flex Display which enables the user to have a completely foldable and mouldable screen.

Not only does this pave the way for foldable mobile phones that actually have the capability to function and genuinely be an asset to the user rather than just being a “trendy gimmick” that will phase out - Google Glass I’m looking at you…

Hark-sang also predicts a massive change in the smartphone industry over the next coming years as manufacturers scramble to make the next big innovation.

“We expect to see a sea change in the smartphone form factor in the coming years. From rollable and stretchable devices to the devices that can fold in multiple ways are no longer beyond the realms of reality. Samsung is ready to usher in this future and create meaningful experiences for consumers that help them do more of what they love.”

This next generation of Smartphone will be showcased in Samsungs high anticipated “Galaxy Flex” that has been teased over the past year.

From what we know, the supposed Samsung “Flex” will start at a base cost of £1000 with the top end model costing up to £2000. Click here to read more about the Galaxy Flex.

It’s certainly an interesting time to be alive and could potentially be witness to one of the biggest innovations in personal technology since the microchip was invented in 1959.

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