The Ever Changing App Marketplaces & How Our Lives Could Be Affected.

Every day we all load apps on our phones, to help us with day to day life, play games and for simple things like calendars and calculators which you do not even think about as an app.

What is absolutely staggering, however, is the change and dependency we have on these apps.

It is hard to measure how much we rely on apps, however by looking at app sales from the iOS and Android marketplace it can be put into perspective.

In the second Quarter of 2015 app downloads was at a value to both companies at $5 Billion. However, we now look at a 2018 Q1 report put together by "App Annie" the total value of what Apps have accumulated is now $18.4 Billion.

That is a growth of 368% in just under 3 years.

This could have been down to a couple of reasons, either more apps are being downloaded and paid for, or alternatively the rise of in-game purchases. Either way, this growth in any industry is astounding.

This will be interesting to look at how much this will grow in yet another 3 years, even though the rate of this industry is increasing in growth, if we assume in another 3 years it grows by another 368% this section of the mobile industry could be worth $67.7 Billion per quarter to the iOS and Android marketplace.

Due to the change in customer behaviour and the development of the mobile device, this has caused a massive shift in how we use a mobile device. We no longer use a mobile phone for just calls and texts but instead, we manage our lives from our phone. I know I do.

Today from my mobile phone, I can check my bank and transfer money for bills, I can pay those bills on supplier apps, I can create new relationships. I can play games in my free time, keep a track of my diet and health, plan a wedding, plan for a baby. The modern marketplaces are so versatile if you can think of it, there is an app, to make your life easier.

I am fully aware that this is not down to the Apple Store or Google Play, but ingenuity and genius of the developers providing the content. The question is, will there be an end to what can be done on your phone, or will we eventually turn into a society that every part of your life could be run on a mobile device. I am not highlighting this as a problem, but more of a convenience,

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