Thanos can wipe out half your Google search

With Avengers: End game now hitting our cinemas, Google has also seemed to hustle in on the Marvel trend with a really cool new Easter egg on their search engine.

When you search "Thanos" into Google, you'll be taken to a page where there will be the infinity gauntlet in the top right-hand side of the screen. If you click on that, the gauntlet will proceed to wipe out half of the search results on your screen, as well as half of the search numbers at the top of the page.

This works on both Mobile and Desktop so be sure to give it a go before it no doubt leaves us forever.


How to do the Thanos easter egg on Google

Step one: Load up Google search engine.
Step two: Search "Thanos" into the search bar and click enter.
Step three: Find the Infinity Gauntlet in the top right of the screen (both mobile and desktop).
Step four: Click on it and watch half of your search results turn to digital dust.

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