Should You Upgrade your iPhone?

Apple launched their “incredible” new iPhones recently in California, however, there was not too much expectation of seeing a big upgraded and Apple not delivering anything new. Like the iPhone X, the iPhone XS has no touch ID. Apparently, the new facial recognition is better.

While the iPhone Xs Max has the same essential specifications as the standard model, it has a bigger screen of 6.5”. However, this change made Apple increase their iPhone prices to a starting price of £1099.

Is it worth spending £999 - £1449 to upgrade your phone? Unfortunately, right now it is not. The mobile phone industry has many competitors including fantastic new models at affordable prices. Many brands are trying to upgrade their phones constantly by introducing multiple rear cameras, increasing their screen and in the near future, the foldable smartphones. By upgrading now, it just isn’t worth the cost.

But what if there is the need of upgrading your phone? Nowadays, phones are in huge depreciation as new smartphones are constantly coming out. However, the best option is to opt for mobile phones that hold their value for long-term - For example the iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7. Alternatively, the Samsung S8+ and Samsung S9+ are also very competitive options. The reason why these particular smartphones hold on to their value is that they have good functionalities and stable features that manufacturers are only improving slightly on newer models.

The new prices Apple are giving to their consumers is a huge difference compared to their last iPhone X which was released at the cost of £999. With the new generations, jumping to a maximum of £1449 makes a huge impact to consumers mind to think about upgrading their current iPhone.

Personally, we’d recommend holding onto your phone if you have one of the following

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 plus
  • iPhone 7
  • Samsung S8+
  • Samsung S9+

or purchase one of them as they are known to be the best currently on the market and especially as their prices aren’t rapidly changing. The smartphones industry advances so fast and companies such Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, and so on will introduce phones with incredible innovative functionalities in the coming months and year that many people will be better off waiting for the phone that is considerably more advanced in terms of innovative tech.

Unless of course, you’re a web cafe hipster who changes phone yearly. In that case, buy away...

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